WSOP Main Event Final Table Bet Preview

Explaining what I do for a living can be confusing at times, especially if the person asking the question isn’t a little educated about the world of poker.

Believe it or not, many people have no idea how much the poker industry has grown over the last decade. They are surprised to hear that millions of people play online for millions and millions of dollars every day. They don’t understand how to sit and watch poker on TV. And when you say you’re heading to Las Vegas to cover World Series poker, the immediate response is typically, “Do you cover poker tournaments? What do you do?”

Once again, this is not only a legitimate question for someone who is not or isn’t interested in the poker industry, but also a difficult one to answer. Dealing with poker tournaments is unlike anything else. You spend hours – usually until early in the morning – sitting around a poker table watching people play cards. And when the WSOP main event final gets as big as possible next week at the Penn and Teller Theater in Rio, Las Vegas, it’s hard to get the edge of the action unless you stare at the jumbo TV screen hanging from the rafters as well as the media.

It can sound very boring, to be honest, sometimes. But I found out that the best way to bring things to life is to give yourself a fundamental interest. And by having a fundamental interest, that means betting on the outcome. That’s right. Betting on poker. 경마

Believe it or not, I’ve had some success in poker proposal bets. Last year, before the final, I picked Peter Eastgate, who won the main event 5-on-1. I also made a few other proposal bets that weekend, which helped push my luck at this year’s WSOP. In the 2009 WSOP preview, I made a profit of $1,085, thanks to my choice of Tom McEvoy, a 19-on-1 winner of the Champions Invitational.

Before the main event started in July, I took my chances and tried to win some more cash with 5 additional offer bets. I wasn’t a good bet on that, but my biggest bet (a $500 bet to win $250 a woman won’t be in the top 25) helped me escape without losing money.

So here we go again. The last table for the WSOP main event is about to start, and as usual, Bodock posted an interesting offer bet. No surprise to anyone who knows me. Instead of running for a thousand dollars, I’m looking to enjoy everything once again. Call me a degenerate if you want. I need something to interest me while watching poker for 15-20 hours next weekend.

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