Winning streak + possibility of reaching the top = Tigers fans nationwide are excited…8 million spectators. It’s up to KIA?

He has recently won seven consecutive games with a great victory against the Incheon SSG on the 3rd. At the beginning of the second half, the return of the 50% winning rate was a ground task, but now it is chasing the third-place SSG Landers beyond the fourth-place NC Dinos, which is one game behind. The “Autumn Baseball Promotion in Gwangju,” which seemed not easy, is already in sight.

The value stands out because it is seven consecutive wins made in variables. KIA recently left after foreign pitcher Mario Sanchez was diagnosed with an injury for three weeks. In the meantime, the batting line is exploding, leading the winning streak. Yang Hyun-jong, who had been sluggish on the mound, was revived, Thomas Panoni and Yoon Young-chul are also in charge of more than five innings, and the bullpen, which is organized around Lim Ki-young, is also helping.

The autumn baseball season deserves excitement from KIA fans across the country.

KIA is the most popular Korean professional sports club. KIA ranked first in the domestic sports market perception survey and TV-portal viewership survey conducted by data analysis company TLOG last year on men and women aged 18 or older nationwide. The number of loyal fans and big fans alone is 2.8 million, and the total number of potential fans is 4,418,000. In particular, 38% of them claimed to be big fans. The cumulative number of TV viewers was 39.69 million and the average viewer rating was 1.32%, ranking first in all. The ratio of male and female fans was also evenly distributed at 58% and 42%. The figure more than doubled the following Samsung Lions (2.3 million), Doosan Bears (2.16 million), LG Twins (2.12 million), and Lotte Giants (1.99 million).

KIA’s good performance has a great impact on the KBO League’s box office. 스포츠토토

Kia ranks sixth among the 10 teams with a cumulative total of 526,491 spectators at its home games this season. However, Kia’s capacity to mobilize spectators tended to shine even more in away games. This year, 12 away games have been sold out. He recorded sold-out cases for two consecutive days against SSG in Incheon from April 1st to 2nd, and also played in front of a packed crowd for two consecutive days against the LG Twins in Jamsil from April 29th to 30th. They played a packed game against Doosan in Jamsil from May 13 to 14, Lotte in Busan from June 3-4, LG in Jamsil on July 1, KT in Suwon from July 8-9, and SSG in Incheon on September 2. SSG’s three out of six sold-out cases this year were against KIA, and LG’s three out of five games were against KIA. Both teams had their first sellout of the season against KIA. KT and Doosan, which recorded four packed spectators this season, also achieved two sellouts each in the match against KIA.

The cumulative number of spectators in the KBO League who played 558 games through Sunday was 6.148,148. The average number of spectators per game stood at 11,018. Attention is focusing on whether KIA, which has a box office explosive power, will serve as a spearhead for the return of 8 million spectators.

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