Will there be a breakthrough in boring Kim Sun-bin’s FA negotiations… Suggesting the final revision of the KIA “Waiting for a decision.”

A breakthrough has been made in negotiations between FA Kim Sun-bin and KIA Tigers, which have been boring for more than a month. KIA recently proposed a second revision to Kim Sun-bin’s side. The total amount seems to have improved the option section while establishing a point of contact. In fact, it seems to be KIA’s last condition for the conclusion of the negotiation.

Shim Jae-hak, general manager, did not specify the terms of the total amount and options including the contract period, but said, “I think we have reached some point of contact with each other through this revision. Now, we are waiting for Kim Sun-bin’s decision,” adding, “Of course, options are included depending on physical condition. I hope they can reach an agreement by the end of the year.”

He also stressed that he did his best to negotiate with Kim Sun-bin. “There were differences in terms of conditions from the beginning. We narrowed the gap through negotiations. We also had courtesy during the contract process. I met with my agent number five in person. I sent Sun-bin a birthday present and asked him to “work out well.” There was no move in the market regarding the reinforcement of second basemen in consideration of Sun-bin,” he explained. 토토사이트 추천

If Shim’s explanation is interpreted, there are speculations that a rough agreement on the total amount will be reached. In the end, the key to the option is interpreted. KIA needs a stabilizer based on service time considering age, and Kim Sun-bin’s side has no choice but to try to fulfill the somewhat relaxed condition.

While playing in 119 games during the 2023 season, Kim had a batting average of .328, 41 RBIs, and an OPS of 0.739. During the first FA period from 2020, he recorded a batting average of .308 with nine homers, 213 RBIs, 189 runs and 17 steals, and an OPS (long-shot rate of .376 on-base percentage of .381) of 0.757 in 474 games. He played an average of 120 games and 494 at-bats per year.

He has the highest contact rate in the league, as evidenced by his ability to attack any type of pitch. He is considered one of the most essential players in KIA’s lineup for next season’s fall baseball. Although his defense and baserunning ability has deteriorated due to his lower body injury, his bat plays its part wherever he goes, including the leadoff team, sixth or seventh to support the centerline, and lower-order batters.

He joined the team in 2008 and played as a one-club man. When he won in 2009, he was not a regular player and was absent from the entry. However, in 2017, he became the batting champion and played a leading role in his 11th win. Although his second FA contract has been in pain for more than a month, attention is focusing on whether he will remain a one-club man for the Tigers.

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