Why is LG the only player on hold writing ‘toxic’… FA, 2nd draft, release, and even sent the army, and 42 left

LG has entered the national team’s diet with the victory in the regular season and the Korean Series for the first time in 29 years. According to the KBO, only 42 players are on hold in 2024, the smallest among the 10 teams. The team with the fewest players after LG is quite different from Doosan, KIA, Hanwha, and LG, which posted 54.

The KBO announced the list of players withheld for 2024 on the afternoon of July 30. According to the KBO, the total number of registered players in 2023 is 681. During the regular season, a total of 139 players, including free agents, voluntary termination, suspended military players, non-FA players, and non-withholding players, were excluded, and the final 542 players were declared as withheld for 2024. By club, KT and NC had the largest number of players with 58, followed by Samsung Kiwoom with 56, SSG Lotte with 55, Doosan and KIA with 54 and LG with 42.

Why is LG so different from other teams? Many players left the FA and the 2nd draft. On top of that, quite a few joined the military during the season. Then, even after putting all three foreign players on the list, only 42 players were left. 토토사이트

LG has registered a total of 58 players in its squad on Feb. 10, ahead of the opening of this year’s event. Since then, it has registered Song Eun-beom in February and Lee Ju-hyung in March, marking the opening of the season with 60. In other words, nearly 20 players are missing from the squad at the end of the season.

Among them, four players (Kim Min-sung, Oh Ji-hwan, Lim Chan-gyu, and Ham Deok-ju) were excluded as FA in 2024. Among the four players who transferred through the second draft (Hanwha Lee Sang-gyu, Samsung’s Choi Sung-hun, Doosan’s Kim Ki-yeon and Kiwoom’s Oh Seok-ju), Choi Sung-hun and Kim Ki-yeon were on the list when the season opened. Lee Sang-gyu and Oh Seok-ju have changed from “rearing” players to “official” players. In the second draft, only one player joined the team, and Lee Jong-jun was not on the list because of his status as a “rearing” player.

The fact that three players were traded and only one player joined the team also contributed to reducing the number of people on hold. Lee Ju-hyung and Kim Dong-gyu (Kium) and Jin Hae-soo (Lotte) transferred through trade, and Choi Won-tae and one more nomination right were added.

Seven of the registered players (Song Eun-beom, Lim Jung-woo, Seo Geon-chang, Chung Ju-hyeon, Choi Hyun-joon, Lee Chun-woong, and Choi Min-chang) escaped. Some players were absent due to military hold. Kim Joo-wan and Lee Min-ho were on the list of military holdouts as of the 30th. On the 2nd, Song Dae-hyun and Cho Won-tae were classified as military holdouts.

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