“Who’s that person buying bread over there?” …God’s “human figure” is revealed!

When he was in Barcelona, he experienced all the championships he could win, and held various records and various top scorers in his arms. He led Argentina to the victory at the 2022 Qatar World Cup and was recognized as a true “GOAT.” 스포츠토토

Messi himself as a god on the ground. A legend who boasts overwhelming charisma. No one can easily approach his aura. However, Messi is also a normal human being outside the soccer field. The image of Messi as a human being and the “final king” have been revealed.

Messi is currently taking a rest in Miami. He may still be on the ground if he is in Europe, but he moved to Major League Soccer after the end of last season. Messi’s season is over, and he is taking a leisurely rest.

Spain’s Marca released a video of Messi’s daily life. In the video, Messi is buying bread at a bakery. He is seen wearing shorts and a short-sleeved shirt, a really comfortable outfit, a drink in one hand, and sucking it on the side with a straw. The footage shows him waiting to buy bread and taking pictures with fans who found him.

In response, Marca said, “Messi is a human being. A legend of soccer buying bread at a bakery in Miami has been spotted. Messi is enjoying a good rest in Miami and surprised his fans with his normal appearance.”

“In Europe, Messi fought tooth and nail, and he is enjoying his normal life in the U.S. Some people didn’t know who Messi was at first because he was so ordinary. After noticing this, fans and Messi took pictures of him. Messi was also enjoying a drink. It shows that even superstars like Messi are trying to live a normal life.”

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