Whether it’s responding to accusations of “know-nothing people,”

Harden, who has not been able to get out of the slump since moving to the Los Angeles Clippers, responded to the criticism.

NBA columnist Chris Haynes, who writes a column for The Bleacher Report, reported on the situation of the Clippers, which have been sluggish since the transfer on the 16th.

The Clippers have lost all five games since Harden joined on the 7th. Harden has averaged just 15 points in five games since his transfer.

There was also hope. In an away game against the Denver Nuggets on the 15th, he scored 21 points, the most since his transfer, leaving a possibility of a rebound.

Haynes said the Clippers’ front office, coaches, and players are all remembering a five-game losing streak right after joining Russell Westbrook last season, adding that everyone is emphasizing patience.

Harden said in this article, “Once we start to find a way, it’s going to be a very scary team. Others will just tell you to make a noise. We’ll do our job. It will take some time, but it will be okay,” he said, expressing confidence.

Among those “others” is Brian Dahmeris, one of the Dallas Mavericks broadcasts. 스포츠토토

Speaking on a pregame show ahead of a home game against the Clippers on the 11th, Dameris said, “Have you ever heard of friends complaining about roommates? They constantly complain that their roommate is not good. They don’t understand that they’re the ‘bad roommate’. “They’re the problem,” he said, then shouted, “Hey James, the problem is you!” and directly hit Harden.

The video was posted on the official X of “Valley Sports Southwest,” a Mavericks-organized broadcaster, but was later deleted. Haynes told the back story that Valley Sports’ management ordered the deletion, saying, “It is not a video that reflects the Mavericks club.” Mark Cuban, the owner of the club, was reportedly not involved.

Harden said he was aware of the video, saying, “I didn’t even hear what he said exactly, but I knew it because people told me.”

“Doesn’t he know exactly about me or the situation?” I could go in front of him and be rude to him, but I can’t. They don’t know anything. They just believe what they heard on social media or around them,” he said, expressing his thoughts.

“I’m really good at ignoring these noises because they don’t have any effect on me,” he continued. “I’m just talking outside,” he said. “I’m going to focus on winning.”

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