“We are also surprised by Kim Min-jae’s judgment and speed.”

A friendly match between Korea and Vietnam was held at Suwon World Cup Stadium. In the 31st minute of the second half, Kim Joo-sung (22, FC Seoul) took the ground on behalf of Kim Min-jae. It is the first time that Kim Joo-sung has played in an A match since the East Asian Football Federation (EAFF) E-1 Championship match against Hong Kong on July 24, 2022.

Kim Joo-sung contributed to his team’s landslide 6-0 victory, taking charge of South Korea’s rear for 14 minutes.

Kim Joo-sung said, “I think I just played like crazy. Personally, it was a game with a lot of regrets left.” “The weight and pressure of the Taegeuk mark were considerable. I have to be able to overcome this and show my play. I feel that there is more than one thing to improve. I will sweat more to show better performance than now,” he said.

Kim Joo-sung, who is participating in his first professional debut, succeeded in taking a leap forward in 2023

Kim Joo-sung , a defender of the Korean national soccer team who continues to grow rapidly
Kim Joo-sung grew up in the FC Seoul youth team (Osan Middle School, High School) and made his professional debut in the 2019 season. He was 18 years old.

Kim Joo-sung joined the army after the 2020 season. It was judged that resolving military service quickly would help him grow into a bigger player.

Kim Joo-sung’s judgment was correct. Kim Joo-sung returned to Seoul after completing military service in the second half of the 2022 season.

2023 season with team from winter training. Kim Joo-sung is having the best year. Kim Joo-sung has scored two goals and one assist in 34 K-League 1 games this season. He is playing in all games of the league this season. Until last season, Kim Joo-sung’s record for most appearances in the league in a season was 13 games (2020 season).

Kim Joo-sung said, “This is the first time I’ve played so many games in a season,” adding, “I learn a lot how to take care of my body.”

“I think about how to play until the end of the season without getting tired. I also ask for advice from my seniors. Like that, I’m trying to show the best performance in each game. The team did not head to Final A, but the season was not over. We will do our best to show our fans our improved performance to the end.” It’s Kim Joo-sung’s determination.

His steady performance in Seoul caught the eye of Jurgen Klinsmann, the coach of the Korean national soccer team. Klinsmann has been steadily selecting Kim Joo-sung since June. He did not have a chance to play in June and September, but he also had a chance to play in the match against Vietnam on October 17.

In coach Klinsmann’s stay, Kim Min-jae and Jung Seung-hyun are working together as key defenders. On the bench, Kim Young-kwon and Kim Joo-sung will prepare to play.

Kim Joo-sung said, “It is a great honor for me just to train in the national team,” adding, “I feel that I improve as I continue to train in the national team.” “The tempo is really fast. It’s too much to follow. I want to endure and adapt somehow. I think this is what makes me develop more,” he said.

“Kim Minjae’s interception skills and speed are amazing even up close.” 슬롯머신

Kim Min-jae at the core of the defense of the Korean national soccer team
Kim Min-jae is the core of the national team’s defense. It is not recognized only by the national team. Kim Min-jae led SSC Napoli to Italy’s Serie A title last season. Kim Min-jae was also selected as Serie A’s best defender in the 2022-2023 season.

Kim Min-jae headed to Bayern Munich, one of the world’s best clubs, this summer. Kim Min-jae immediately took the starting role. Kim Min-jae is playing in eight German Bundesliga games this season. Munich also played full time in the second group match of the UEFA Champions League (UCL) held by Munich.

Kim Joo-sung sees and learns a lot while training with Kim Min-jae. Kim Joo-sung said, “I feel that (Kim) Min-jae is different in training and in practice,” adding, “Whenever I see the reason why he is evaluated as a world class, I check it.”

“Minjae is a perfect defender with both strength and speed. He is quick to think as well as to his body. When I see him intercepting the opponent’s ball and developing an attack, I can’t help but exclaim. Usually, defenders play stably. Minjae has no time to defend very aggressively. Min Jae is a senior who makes you feel a lot just by living together on and off the ground.” Kim Joo-sung said.

Kim Joo-sung has been evaluated as a talent to succeed Kim Min-jae since he was a youth in Seoul. Kim Joo-sung is a left-footed defender and is said to have strong power, height, and speed. In particular, Kim Joo-sung’s biggest strength is his build-up ability based on accurate kick power.

“If you are a player, you cannot be satisfied just by being selected for the national team,” Kim Joo-sung said. “I want to sharpen my skills and get a steady opportunity to play in the national team.

The national team will begin its second qualifying round for the 2026 North and Central American World Cup in Asia from November. Korea belongs to Group C with Singapore, China and Thailand.

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