“Unemployment league, not club, level of NPB 1.5.” No more excessive hitting of ‘Japanese Industrial Baseball’, which repeats every AG

There are repeated controversies in baseball events at each Asian Games. It is the level of social baseball that constitutes the Japanese Asian Games national team.

For the Japanese Asian Games baseball team, which is described as an all-star baseball player, there are some public opinions in Korea that look at it as a “club” level. The view is that it is a national team composed of players who work at a company and play amateur baseball clubs. And it seems that the idea that the Korean national baseball team should be criticized if it struggles against amateur club-level players is implied in that gaze.

In this tournament, the Japanese Asian Games baseball team also consisted of all-stars in professional baseball. The Korean national team won 2-0 against Japan in the Super Round. Japanese national team’s starting pitcher Koyo Shuichi pitched well against the Korean lineup with four hits, eight strikeouts, three walks and one run in 5.2 innings with a 150km/h fastball.

Kao Shuichi is considered one of the best pitchers in the professional baseball league, who works for Toyota Motor Corp. and plays baseball for his baseball team. Japanese Industrial League has a distinctly different character from Korean Industrial League. This is why professional-nominated players who graduated from high school and university continue their baseball careers as corporate players. It has a similar character to the business league that existed before the creation of the KBO league in Korea in the past. 온라인경마

Lotte Giants outfielder Ahn Kwon-soo, a third-generation Korean in Japan and active in the KBO League, also gave a very high evaluation of the level of Japanese social baseball. Ahn left Waseda University in Japan and experienced Japanese baseball for a long time until the independent league.

Ahn Kwon-soo, who met with MK Sports at Jamsil Stadium on October 8, said, “It is called Japanese Industrial Baseball in Korea, but it is closer to unemployment baseball. In my personal opinion, it is the second highest level league after the first division of the Japanese Professional Baseball Organization (NBP). It is about 1.5 groups of NBP. The mound performance of the Japanese Asian Games national team looked really good. Next is NPB’s second division, and I think the independent league is similar to NPB’s third division, he said.

Ahn continued to give more details on his advance to the Japanese business baseball league. Ahn Kwon-soo said, “There is a way to go to the business team immediately after graduating from high school or go to college first and then choose the business team. He is good enough to win a professional nomination, but he also chooses to join the business team on purpose. It is not easy to find a second life if you go straight to the professional and get released. However, if you play for the unemployment team, you can have a stable work life without worrying about the future after being released, so you prefer that part.”

Ahn Kwon-soo then said, “Some of the players I saw when I played in the Japanese independent league in the past were in the Japanese Asian Games national team. At that time, they felt that they were really great players. I hope that Korea will also change its view and thoughts on Japanese social baseball. In Japan, there are many people who play baseball and the base is wide, so there are many good players in the business team. “It’s just the name, but there’s no big difference from a professional player,” he stressed.

Of course, it is not desirable to excessively raise Japanese amateur baseball. However, it is also a problem to disparage the victory of the Korean national baseball team by excessive hitting at the level of amateur clubs in general companies. It would have been better if the Korean national baseball team under the age of 24 in the KBO League beat the Japanese business baseball league players with an overwhelming victory, but the reality of the level of baseball power between Korea and Japan, where the fundamental gap has widened, cannot be ignored.

Above all, one ace pitcher can make a big variable in the short-term baseball game. It is even harder to predict the outcome if it is a single game. The Korean national team, which eventually won within the unfavorable frame of social baseball, deserves applause. There is no gold medal for sure. The result of the gold medal is fully recognized, but it is necessary to continue deep consideration to close the gap between Korea and Japan, which has widened significantly widened baseball.

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