U.S. Integrity Partners With Gold Rush Gaming In Time for Ohio Launch

U.S. Integrity is working with Gold Rush Gaming to provide an amazing gaming experience. US Integrity announced that it had signed a deal with kiosk sports betting operator Gold Rush Gaming, which will launch a partnership in Ohio early next year.

Gold Rush Gaming is home to Hoffman Estate, Illinois. It is the third largest Class 3 root gaming operator in the United States. The company recently obtained an Ohio Type C Owner Certificate, which gave it the opportunity to operate sports betting kiosks in a wide range of locations across Ohio.

Ron Bolger, Director of Operations at Gold Rush Gaming, said, “We are very excited to be working with U.S. Integrity as we prepare to launch in Ohio in February. Our partnership with U.S. Integrity provides a safe and fun betting environment for our sponsors by allowing us to check more than possible betting in real time and immediately check for potentially questionable betting activities.” 카지노사이트 순위

U.S. Integrity’s obligation is to monitor the various services of Golden Rush Gaming. It will be done through famous dashboards. The company will also observe and analyze dozens of datasets to help identify irregular officiating and betting patterns that can be dangerous for both the company and players.

Matthew Holt, CEO and co-founder of U.S. Integrity, said, “U.S. Integrity is proud to partner with Gold Rush Gaming before launching sports betting in Ohio. U.S. Integrity’s mission is to provide our customers with conflict-free, best-in-class insights and compliance solutions. We look forward to working with Gold Rush Gaming’s exceptional team. Their commitment to instilling the highest standards of integrity is consistent with U.S. Integrity’s initiative to ensure that sports betting remains fair and secure.”

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