Tottenham Re-signs 35-Year-Old GK Until 2025

Tottenham officially announced on its website on the 6th, “I am very happy to sign a new contract with Foster by the summer of 2025.” Foster is Tottenham’s backup goalkeeper, who mainly plays in cup competitions rather than Premier League (PL).

Foster left Southampton for Tottenham in the summer of 2022. Instead of Pierluis Gollini, who returned to loan, he was recruited as the backup goalkeeper for Hugo Lloris. Foster is from Newcastle United, but he couldn’t find a place in the first team and moved around on loan. Then he went on loan to Celtic, where he was active for two seasons and successfully transferred. 사설 토토사이트

He was selected as a member of the English national team after successful performance at Celtic. He returned to the EPL in 2014 as a member of Southampton. He continued his reputation as a member of the English team. He was also selected as a member of the English national team at times, but he was often pushed out by Alex McCarthy due to injury and aging population, and watched matches from the bench. When he returned after loan from Celtic, he was also at a loss. Foster took on a new challenge, choosing to move to Tottenham.

Last season, Lloris was unable to play in many matches due to injury and poor performance, while Foster played in 14 PL matches (13 starts). Foster, who is highly experienced and can fill home ground as an English national, gave Tottenham a boost. He showed good relations with Son Heung-min and made his name known among Korean fans. With Guglielmo Vicario coming after Lloris was excluded from the team’s roster this summer, Foster maintained his backup position.

Vicario has displayed remarkable performance. He surprised everyone with his outstanding defense capability, which has already been evaluated as one of the best recruitments. It contrasted with Lloris, who was unstable last season. Vicario was so outstanding that the poster was sitting on the bench in PL matches. He played only in the EFL Cup, but failed to pass the tournament, and ended up being disappointed.

Although he is old and plays a backup role, Tottenham pushed for a renewal of his contract with Foster, an excellent option for Tottenham, and decided to stay together until the summer of 2025.

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