The Thai parliamentary special committee sets sub-group

The Thai parliamentary special committee tasked with investigating the possibility of legalizing casinos in Thailand has set up five subcommittees. The Bangkok Post newspaper quoted the committee’s spokesman, Fada Warakanont, as providing the information. The appointment of members of the subcommittee requires approval from National Assembly Speaker Chuan Liqpai, the newspaper reported on Friday. 슬롯머신

The lower house of parliament, Thailand’s lower house, voted on December 2 to establish a “special committee” of 60 people to review the issue of legalizing casinos in Thailand. The group is expected to complete the study within 90 days. One of the five organizations set up by the special committee will focus on legal issues, collecting game taxes, and collecting revenue. The second subcommittee will discuss the potential places to host casino resorts in Thailand and the conditions for opening such complexes.

If Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, decides to legalize casino resorts, it will be the best destination for casino resorts, two casino consultants recently told. The other three groups set up by the Select Committee will each focus on investment-related issues, potential formats of casino resort plans in Thailand, issues related to casino business operations, and potential negative impacts from legalizing domestic casinos.

In a commentary to the Bangkok Post, Mrs Fada said the interim committee would encourage widespread public participation in relation to work. Legalizing casino gambling has been a subject of controversy in the Buddhist kingdom in recent years. Several Southeast Asian countries adjacent to Thailand, namely Cambodia, Laos, and Malaysia, have legal gambling houses.

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