“The synergy between the city and Clear Channel will ensure that Las Vegas is the world’s center stage during our celebrations.”

Las Vegas, the world’s entertainment capital, today announced that it will hold its biggest and best 100th birthday celebration ever in 2005, a live entertainment event comparable to the Super Bowl, the Academy Awards, and the Olympics. 메이저 토토사이트

Known for its colorful history, exaggerated images, and providing previously unseen entertainment events and experiences, Las Vegas has captivated locals and tourists all over the world for nearly a century. It has also created high expectations for the upcoming centennial celebration, which will reflect Las Vegas’ interest and charm. Major business and community leaders are now working on the centennial committee to plan a unique live event for the year-round community and nearly 36 million annual visitors, starting on Jan. 1, 2005.

“Las Vegas is different from the rest of the world and it will be a blockbuster when we celebrate birthdays. Through a promotional venture with Clear Channel Entertainment, we will be throwing a birthday party bigger and brighter than the neon lights on the streets of Las Vegas!” said Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman.

The festival will culminate during the summer of 2005 when it will spark during a major live concert featuring the music industry’s most popular performances on the famous streets of Las Vegas. Featuring Las Vegas superstars and other special performances and appearances, the exclusive event will be broadcast on television and radio nationwide and webcasted all over the world.

In an effort to create the most dazzling and memorable experience and capture the grandeur of the city, Las Vegas asked Clear Channel Entertainment to produce centennial events and experiences, sell integrated sponsorship packages, process merchandising and licensing, and develop centennial television broadcasting rights and opportunities.

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