The SF’s passionate love for KBO’s top star, will he really give $100 million

It is true that the San Francisco Giants are the most active in recruiting Lee Jung-hoo (25, FA). The reporter covered the Arizona spring camp of KBO clubs and the WBC national team for about three weeks in February. At that time, San Francisco took turns attaching employees to Lee Jung-hoo’s observation. Whenever I visited Kiwoom Camp, San Francisco officials always hung around Lee Jung-hoo. He even followed the national team’s training and practice matches to check Lee Jung-hoo.

On the other hand, he even dispatched officials to Gwangju KIA’s three consecutive games at the end of June. The visit to Gocheok Sky Dome is not news, but officials were dispatched to the local stadium. He even drew a lot of attention as he was known as an official with quite a position. Since then, it has been felt that San Francisco’s love for Lee Jung-hoo is unusual.

The decisive hitter is general manager Pete Putilla. Putila visited Seoul in person to check on Lee Jung-hoo. Lee Jung-hoo was in the stands at Gocheok Sky Dome at the time of his surprise return and farewell match. You must have been most curious about your condition after surgery and rehabilitation in the ankle extension.

Recently, there are reports that the San Diego Padres and New York Yankees are also interested in Lee Jung-hoo. However, there is no circumstantial evidence that these teams’ interest in Lee Jung-hoo is as high as San Francisco. Against this backdrop, The Athletic reported San Francisco’s sincerity toward Lee Jung-hoo once again on the 14th (Korea time).

The Athletic reported that General Manager Putila saw the farewell exhibition after Lee Jung-hoo in person. In the related video, General Manager Putila can also be seen standing up and applauding for a while. He even kindly introduced when he appeared in the 51-second video. The My Daily Photography Department also succeeded in including the head of Putila.

The Athletic said, “Lee Jung-hoo is a career average of 0.340 hitter who won five Golden Gloves for the 2022 KBO MVP.” He was the best player on the WBC Korean national team. He is the son of Lee Jong-beom, who was the best player in the 1990s and nicknamed the son of the wind. Lee Jung-hoo’s nickname is the grandson of the wind.”

The Athletic continued, “It’s considered tricky to scout a Korean player, but the Giants’ evaluation is strong enough for Putila to push a bowl of budae jjigae. The rest of the front desk is interviewing director candidates,” he said. 스포츠토토

It is not known whether Putila actually ate budae jjigae in Seoul, but it is interpreted as meaning that it is worth staying in Seoul and watching after eating budae jjigae. The general manager went all-in to scout Lee Jung-hoo and added the news that the rest of the employees are in the process of selecting a coach. It is evident how much San Francisco is interested in Lee Jung-hoo.

Again, the concern is the amount of money. I wonder if San Francisco will be able to bring out up to $100 million against Lee Jung-hoo, who will face a recruitment battle. None of the Korean players ever signed a $100 million contract when they first entered the Major League Baseball. Lee Jung-hoo is a good player, but his weapon is that he solved military service and is 25 years old.

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