The same goes for Jadon Sancho, who was brought in at a big cost.

The German version of “Sky Sports,” a sports media outlet, said, “Sancho aimed to leave the transfer market next winter after being suspended from Manchester United. “We are in close contact with Dortmund right now,” he reported.

The media said, “Dortmund is a huge memory for Sancho. He was able to continue his stellar performance at Dortmund. That was not the case at Manchester United. Sancho was not only excluded from Manchester United’s first-team training, but also banned from using all professional team facilities.

According to Sky Sports’ understanding, he contacted Dortmund Terzic. German transfer expert Florian Plattenberg also said, “Sancho wants to leave Manchester United in the upcoming winter transfer market. Negotiations will certainly take place in the winter. Sancho wants to leave. However, there is a possibility of renting because the ransom is high,” he said.

Sky Sports said, “In recent weeks, Dortmund have been floating around as Sancho’s old interest. In fact, he has continued to interact with Dortmund. It is still only an unrealistic transfer, but the possibility of Sancho returning to Dortmund cannot be ruled out.

Sancho grew up in the Manchester City youth team. Although he is from England, he left for Dortmund because of homesickness. Since joining Dortmund in 2017, he has grown into a big prospect. Although there were many European big club offers, he received a Manchester United offer in 2021 and returned to the Premier League for 85 million euros (about 120 billion won) in transfer fees.
He showed brilliant performance at Dortmund and scored 50 goals and 54 assists in 137 games. He was evaluated as a suitable player for Manchester United, but he did not show as much ability as he thought. He has played 82 games so far and has 12 goals and 6 assists. Manchester United has spent a lot of money to recruit, but since manager Ten Hach took the helm, the competition for the starting line has been a red light.

Recently, he even had a fight with Ten Ha-ch. He played as a substitute this season and took the ground, but was excluded from Arsenal’s away trip in the fourth round. “I made this decision after watching the training,” coach Ten Haach said on the exclusion of Sancho’s list. You have to show the ability to match Manchester United. have the final selection authority as a coach. Sancho was not chosen,” he said.

Coach Ten Hach watched from the training ground and decided that it was not suitable for the match against Arsenal. However, Sancho refuted coach Tenhach’s words, saying that he always worked hard on the training ground and was being treated unfairly.

Afterwards, he wrote on his social networking service (SNS), “I hope you don’t believe the article you’re reading. It’s a completely false story. I’m a scapegoat. I was treated unfairly for a long time. I trained hard on the training ground all week. I want to laugh and play soccer. I want to dedicate myself to Manchester United,” he said. 스포츠토토

First, the victory over Brentford locked some of the external and internal shaking. “For us to play like this, there are a lot of good players at Manchester United,” said manager Ten Haach. It has to go up to a higher level. In the match against Brentford, he showed everything from mentality, belief, and team play. It would have been a turning point. Now it’s all up to us,” he stressed.

Brentford led 93 minutes and collapsed in two shots. Brentford said: “It was really brutal. We had a perfect first half at Old Trafford. He was good at counter attack and deserved the lead. Soccer is so cruel. Rather, the draw would have been a fairer result,” he said, shaking his head.

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