The player who stepped on SON two years ago! Tottenham are aiming to be a defender in this season’s PL ‘one minute’

British media “Football Insider” reported on the 10th (Korea time) that “Everton is ready to sell Ben Godfrey to Tottenham in the upcoming winter transfer market if the bid is submitted.”

Tottenham currently lacks a central defender. Earlier in the season, Mickey van der Penn and Christian Romero led the defense with close to perfection.

Legendary defender Rio Ferdinand who played for Manchester United said, “Romero and Van de Pen are arguably the best duo in the English Premier League (PL) central defense. They are amazing.”

However, the two players left the game side by side after the match against Chelsea. Romero was unable to play due to his exit, and Van de Pen suffered a hamstring injury during the game. Van de Pen, in particular, is expected to be absent for a long time.

Eric Dier is the only professional central defender who can replace Van de Pen in Tottenham’s defense. Ben Davies, Pierre-Emile Hoivier and Emerson Royal can also play as central defenders in case of emergency, but they are not professional central defenders.

Tottenham reviewed several central defenders in the upcoming winter transfer market. One of them is Godfrey. He is a central defender with excellent pass ability. Passes from the back to the front at once are also sometimes made. 슬롯머신

Even though he is a center-back, he often drives the ball to the front as his skills are not bad. Not only a center-back can play the game. He is a multi-player who can see the positions of side defenders and defensive midfielders.

Of course, he is not the perfect player as he hurriedly recruits players in the winter transfer market. One of the biggest drawbacks is the “dirty play.” Since joining the Everton team, he has received a total of 15 yellow cards in 79 matches.

In particular, he stepped on Son’s legs and stomach during a match against Tottenham in the 2021/22 season. “I should have stopped before that,” said a local commentator at the time.

Besides, Godfrey’s recent form is not very good. He has played a total of two games this season, played in one EFL Cup, and played in the PL for a minute just before the end of the game. He hasn’t been on the ground since early September.

According to the media, Godfrey is already being treated as an out-of-flying resource by Everton. The idea is that Everton will add the transfer fee to the club’s finances by selling rather than having a player they will not use.

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