“The meticulousness that was revealed like an outstanding pioneer.”

Nick Martini arrived at Incheon International Airport Terminal 2 on the afternoon of the 24th wearing a comfortable padded jacket and training suit. Although he was tired from the long flight, he posed to reporters, waving his hand with a smile of his gums.

Nick Martini’s meticulous and calm personality, which boasts excellent pioneering eyes, was also noticeable at the arrival hall. Martini did not panic when the mobile vehicle did not arrive after entering the country and spoke to the team manager. Among them, he even showed the freedom to wave to reporters.

He also explained the situation to airport officials by changing his phone. Since then, quarantine documents and various types of documents have been carefully folded and put in their pockets. There were many scenes where other players put them roughly in their bags, but Nick Martini looked especially calm.

Martini, a U.S. national who is 180 centimeters tall and weighs 92 kilograms, is a left-handed hitter and is a mid- to long-distance hitter who has strong pioneering eyes and contact skills. It is also considered to have excellent production capabilities for double and triple due to its good flagship. He can play all outfield positions and first baseman. 메이저 토토사이트

Martini, who was nominated by st. Louis in the seventh round in 2011, made his major league debut in 2018. He batted .270, two home runs, and 30 RBIs in 282 at-bats in the Major League. His Triple-A record was 1,492 at-bats, batting .298 with 34 home runs and 217 RBIs

NC signed a contract with Martini for a total of $800,000 (110,000 down payment, 440,000 annual salary, 250,000 incentives). Martini moves to a place prepared by the club and joins NC’s spring camp after completing self-isolation.

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