The KSA received information about the advertisement.

The KSA itself did not know the procedure.Rather, gambling regulators received external information that violated gambling laws.The KSA then issued a warning and took immediate action.A sports betting provider responded, and the KSA announced that this provider would be more tightly controlled by tighter controls.

The presentation of the current probability can be viewed as a violation of Dutch gambling law.However, the worse booklet used the link to potential players directly on the website.This means that anyone can do it immediately. 경마사이트

KSA is known to have an impact if a sports betting provider whose violations have occurred again occurs again.It hasn’t been announced what happened.The license may be revoked, but specification is possible.However, after the bookmaker immediately removes the advertisement, the threat of more action is likely to work.

Restricting Advertisements in Other Countries
In Germany, for example, the situation is similar.According to gambling, advertising is still banned in Germany.At least this applies live broadcasts and interim results in real time.Otherwise, advertising ads for sports betting and other game ads can take place from 9 p.m.Licensees are also pleased that they do not have the right to advertise separately.This automatically generates a license to provide a game of opportunity.

The situation is similar in other European countries.Gambling laws often say that it can only be broadcast at night to protect minors.At the same time, sponsors were very limited, banned, or banned.In addition to the loss of sales to sports clubs, gambling companies lose the extensive opportunity to advertise.

The online portal always displays the possibility of starting a game.This means that all betting fans can choose the game.Since pressure is running out of time in this online casino, every player has no time to make better decisions.It is considered unauthorized advertising if the players are currently directed to the sports betting provider via the probability display.In this case, players don’t have much time to decide the game.At least KSA is the reason why KSA is not mentioned.

This situation is different from purely online casinos that offer casino games.This is presented constantly and the player is under time pressure.Players are currently available if they want to play live games as VIP players.

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