The Israeli player at Tottenham is Manor Solomon

Solomon also appealed to his social media to support Israel after the Israel-Hamas war. Some analysts say that Adelman has become very hostile to Tottenham, which is no different from the English Football Association.

Tottenham also has an inseparable history with Jews. In the 1880s, a large number of Jews moved to Britain to escape the Russian massacre, some of which settled in the Tottenham area, and the number of Jewish spectators soon. There is also a record that in the 1920s, 20-30% of Tottenham’s home crowd was filled with Jews. Levy, who now runs Tottenham, is also Jewish.

So, Adelman had his own confidence or confidence that he would definitely side with Israel as much as Tottenham, but he resigned when this was out of line. 바카라사이트

The England Football Association also said in an England-Australia friendly match at Wembley Stadium on the 14th, “There are no plans to illuminate Wembley in white and blue, the colors of the Israeli flag.” Then, he was criticized in various places for his lack of solidarity with Israel.

However, the English Football Association gave time to pay silent tribute just before the game and tried to “match the game.”

Adelman’s anger remains unabated. “Those who have written and distributed Tottenham statements will not return to the club until they are gone. “I’ve already talked to the executives,” he said. “The position of director of the Tottenham Player Liability Protection Association will be vacant for the time being,” he broke up with the club.

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