“The idea is to take pictures and promote the news by shouting fighting in the sea”

While the Sports Council is officially announcing the admission of national team athletes to the Marine Corps, there have been a series of mockery and criticism from citizens on social media (social networking services). On Facebook and blogs, social leaders, celebrities, and ordinary citizens continue to register and post articles criticizing the Korea Sports Council’s plan to enter the Marine Corps.

In a Facebook post, he said, “I will train them to keep their performance in the midst of this cold just because their performance in the Tokyo Olympics did not meet expectations and they only ranked third in the Hangzhou Asian Games.” “This means that we should go back to the old days when we only emphasized mental strength and determination. It is nonsense to hear that the official letter was sent in a one-way manner. The official letter of the Olympic Committee contains phrases such as valuable sports and respect for human rights together. (I) lost,” he sarcastically said.

“The idea is to clench your fist in the sea and shout fighting to promote news by taking pictures,” the professor said. “Do you have any evidence that joining the marines strengthens the mental capacity?” A housewife said, “I know that Korean national team athletes are the best in the world in terms of training. They are more capable of enduring extreme training than Marines, and what if they get injured?”

“Samcheong University of Education will soon be revived. How old are the national team’s athletes that conduct extreme training in the middle of winter like this? They are ignorant.” “Why don’t you say that if they fail to win a medal, they will serve in the military for 36 months regardless of gender? I can’t wait to see their best performance at the Paris Olympics?” said an education consulting worker.

“We need to quickly send North Korean imitators who are imitating the North, whose mental strength comes first, to make the country work properly. Why is the first place so anxious to keep up with the last place? If Jang Mi-ran (Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism), a weightlifting hero, agrees (to join the Marine Corps), I hope that the ministry will give up politics immediately,” the youth leader posted a message demanding the ministry’s mediation. 파워볼게임

Based on comments made by Lee Ki-heung, president of the Korea Olympic Committee, Citizens G of the MZ generation asked, “You said you can’t do it the old way, but you are training in the marines? Is the old standard the Joseon Dynasty?” Freelance coach H encouraged citizens to participate by registering a link to the KOC’s civil petition bulletin board along with hashtags such as “Players refuse and I won’t cheer for the gold medal.”

“In a proper country, what experts like psychotherapists do is strengthen the mental capacity. The U.S., the top sports powerhouse, has just sent the Marine Corps to provide psychological assistance,” citizen J said. “I understand that (the chairman of the Korea Sports Council) is under pressure for performance, but we should find the cause (of poor performance) and find a solution. What can’t be the point? The Marine Corps is a place to train soldiers, not a training center for athletes,” he said.

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