The extraordinary ‘crazy drama’ they showed

The Korean sports community is suffering from a series of crazy dramas. Even before the scandal surrounding the “fencing star” Nam Hyun-hee subsided, the “football star” Hwang Ui-jo came under fire again. As the controversy over whether Hwang Ui-jo should continue to play for the national team intensified, the Korea Football Association officially announced on November 28 that it had decided not to select him for the national team until a clear conclusion was reached by the investigative agency.

As a result, Hwang Ui-jo will be virtually unable to participate in the Asian Cup in January next year, and depending on the results of the investigation, it is expected that his life will be adversely affected. With this Hwang Ui-jo scandal as an opportunity, let’s take a look at a soccer player who has tarnished his reputation with the all-time drama. Karim Benzema is the 2022 Ballon d’Or winner and is a world-renowned striker. However, he has long been expelled from the French national team after being caught up in an incident that is, in common sense, unbelievable. 온라인카지노

The whole story went like this. Mathieu Balena, a former member of the French national team, has been threatened with revelations since a video of his sex was leaked in 2014. At the time, Benzema was an acquaintance of one of the blackmailers and a hometown friend. Benzema told Balena to “pay the blackmailer to solve it.” Benzema, who was arrested in November 2015 over the incident, made an excuse at trial that he was “just saying it for fun” but was eventually sentenced to a fine of 75,000 euros and a year of probation by a court in Versailles in November 2021. In the wake of the Benzema scandal, the French Football Association made the decision to exclude him from the national team since 2016, which forced Benzema to play in a French uniform for almost six years.

The world was noisy in November 2009 with the “Bulle-Wheel Scandal” of Tiger Woods, the “Golf Emperor.” The chaotic personal life of the superstar, who almost appeared every 100 years, was revealed without filtration, causing tremendous disappointment to fans. In February 2010, when the Woods scandal was in full swing in the U.S., then-Chelsea captain John Terry made headlines in the U.K.

Terry began to fall apart when the media reported that he had an affair with Vanessa Peronchel, then 27 years old, and her former teammate Wayne Bridge’s ex-wife and underwear model. The reason why soccer fans were more embarrassed was that Terry became popular enough to be named “Father of the Year” a year ago in 2009.

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