‘The Empress’ Ahn Se-young Named BWF Female Player of the Year… Roar in Dress

BWF held the 2023 World Tour Final Gala Dinner in Hangzhou, China on Wednesday. Ahn Se-young, who was nominated as a female athlete on April 22, beat her competitors to become the final winner. Having suffered a setback even after being nominated last year, Ahn was recognized as the best player of the year for the first time.

Since the announcement, Ahn has been a strong contender. She has overwhelmed rivals this season. She has reached the finals 13 times and lifted trophy 10 times at the BWF tour, which she played 14 times. She has failed to make it to the podium only once. She has also won in all the most prestigious competitions, including the Open, World Championship, and Hangzhou Asian Games.

Ahn became the first Korean player to receive the Rookie of the Year award at the ceremony in December 2019. She was expected to be the successor of the shuttlecock genius, waterproof Yeon.

He also had a slump. His defense based on fast feet and quickness was of the highest quality, but he was criticized for not being able to support his attack. At the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, he confirmed his limitation by losing to Chen Yu-pei in the quarterfinals. 온라인경마

Ahn Se-young, who fell several times at the time and stood up again after her knee was swept on the court, left a strong impression on sports fans. The same was true of her fighting spirit, which she said through tears, “I did not rest, but I should work harder (because this result came out).”

Ahn engaged in weight training for a short time last winter over a racket. He even engaged in muscle and physical exercise performed by other sports players at his team’s Samsung Life Insurance specialized training center. Thus, he was able to acquire not only physical strength but also strong smash. He won the Indian Open, his second appearance this season, and continued strides thereafter. He also had overwhelming wins in the showdown between Yamaguchi and Chen Yu-pei, which he had been lagging behind in complete games until last season.

She was actually the winner of the “Women’s Player of the Year” that she reserved. When her name was called out, Ahn enjoyed the joy with her signature roaring ceremony. Wearing a black dress, she proudly climbed the podium and won a trophy.

Korean badminton experienced a double celebration. Seo also received the honor at the “Man of the Year” award. Seo is the first male athlete to win two gold medals in world championships (men’s doubles and mixed doubles). Victor Axelsen (Denmark), who ranks first in men’s singles, seemed highly likely to win the award, but Seo received more recognition for his outstanding performance in doubles.

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