‘Starter, 62 minutes, 6.9 points’Yang Hyun-jun Celtic Korean duo loses 1-2 to Lazio

The “Celtic Duo” appeared in the “War of Stars.” Yang Hyun-joon, a young player in the K League born by Gangwon FC, started, and Oh Hyun-kyu, a hawkish boy band produced by Suwon Samsung, took the ground as a substitute. However, neither player was able to prevent the loss.

Celtic came from behind to lose 1-2 to Lazio in the second Group E match of the 2023-24 UEFA Champions League (UCL) at Celtic Park in Celtic, Scotland, at 4 a.m. on the 5th. As a result, Celtic (0, 2, 1 win, 4 losses, -3) fell to fourth place. 스포츠토토

Celtic, who formed a ‘Korean duo’ with Ki Sung-yueng and Cha Du-ri in the past. Following Oh Hyun-kyu last winter, Yang Hyun-joon and Kwon Hyuk-kyu joined the team this summer, completing the “Korean Trio.” Rising stars, who embroidered the K-League stage, were expected to travel around Europe and UCL.

At the time, Celtic said, “I am happy to announce the recruitment of Yang Hyun-joon, who has signed a five-year contract. Gangwon FC striker Yang Hyun-joon, who was a young player in the K League, will meet Oh Hyun-kyu at Celtic Park,” he said, adding, “I signed a five-year contract with Busan I-Park midfielder Kwon Hyuk-kyu. I will be with my colleagues Yang Hyun-joon and Oh Hyun-kyu. Kwon Hyuk-kyu said he grew up watching Ki Sung-yong, a member of the South Korean national team who played for Celtic as a child,” announcing the official statement of the South Korean player.

Manager Brandon Rogers said, “I’m sure Yang Hyun-joon will be a great recruit. We have watched him closely and think he will further improve his attacking options. It is also clear that he was very keen on going to Celtic. I’m really looking forward to joining you,” he said with joy. In addition, “I’m really happy to recruit Kwon Hyuk-kyu with the announcement of Yang Hyun-joon. He is also a player the club has known for a long time, so I am satisfied that the deal has been made. We are looking forward to Yang Hyun-joon and Kwon Hyuk-kyu joining the squad and performing their roles,” he said, expressing satisfaction.

Yang Hyun-jun, who entered Scotland, said, “I’m very happy to be at Celtic. I am also looking forward to meeting new colleagues and training together. It’s good to be in Scotland as a Celtic player. “I’ve already heard good things about Oh Hyun-kyu and the team and fans,” he said, expressing his feelings about joining the team.

Kwon Hyuk-kyu also said, “It is very big for me to join the Scottish champion. Celtic is already very famous in South Korea. There are currently three Korean players, and I’m sure it will be great to play with them,” he said, raising expectations for the Korean trio.

This is the complete Celtic Korean trio. But all three players couldn’t smile. Kwon Hyuk-kyu was unfortunately excluded from the UCL entry. Instead, Oh Hyun-kyu and Yang Hyun-joon were included normally.

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