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In early February, a meeting with the NSW Independent Casino Commission (NICC) was planned. Ahead of the meeting, Foster and Cook sent out a series of messages. In one of the messages, Foster wrote, “If possible, it is another angle to lay the groundwork for shareholders’ class action against Nick Weeks or NICC.” Cook’s response was, “We will be running it by (law firm) KWM on Monday.”

In another message, Foster wrote to Cook: “They’re preparing for war, it would be nice for us to do the same, should we talk to KWN?” The CEO replied at the time, “We’ll meet on Monday to prepare for war.”

Last March, Starr’s chief financial officer, Christina Katsibuba, announced that she would be leaving the company immediately. With her, Cook confirmed her plans to step down as CEO. At the time, Starr confirmed that Cook’s responsibility was temporarily assigned to Foster.

Special Manager who is disappointed and surprised 슬롯머신

Weeks showed that The Star was surprised and disappointed by the recently released data, claiming that he was “preparing for war.” In addition, he said, “It’s hard to reconcile everything the company has told me, everything it’s telling the market, and everything it’s telling the regulator in terms of its motivation to reform and work with the regulator.”

The special administrator explained that this was an unexpected turnaround of events, given his communications with Star’s committee. Weeks explained that the undisclosed text messages were surprising, especially in light of his role in helping guide the company to license suitability. In addition, he said that his role on Star’s committee is to help regain trust and trust in the company for regulators. Weeks also suspected that Foster and Cook somehow managed to gain access to his diary. Lastly, he said that such behavior is special.

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