Stakeelogic announced Daniela Frichione’s appointment as the new head of account management. She has a wealth of practical experience.

Franchione joined the company in 2021, and quickly rose to the rank and rose from account manager to account manager. 온라인경마

She will oversee all account managers in her current position at Stakeelogic and will be responsible for handling customer relationships. Her rise to the leadership position is attributed to her advanced approach, detailed direction, and incredible customer care knowledge that led her to the pinnacle of success.

Frichione said, “My experience at Stakeelogic over the last few years has been outstanding, and I look forward to embracing the new challenges that come at this level.” “I was motivated to build strong relationships with my customers. Also, I would like to thank the management for their trust in appointing me to this position.”

During his time at Stakeelogic, Franchione consistently showed the highest level of proficiency. Her contribution played a pivotal role in solidifying the company’s key relationships and building new and amazing peer relationships.

“It was a wise and obvious move to make Daniela the head of account management,” said Stephan van den Oetelaar, CEO of StarCellogg. “Over the course of her time at the organization, she continued to show that she had incredible management skills. This development was an essential step in her professional life because of her kind personality, firm commitment to responsibility, and extraordinarily high proficiency. We are excited about what Daniela will do in her new position and have full confidence in her.”

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