Spanish athletes behavior and preferences while using online and track casino services

The study focuses on various types of addiction, including gambling. It provided interesting information about Spanish athletes’ behavior and preferences while using online and track casino services. The survey participants answered several questions about gambling with money. The results show that the number of users gambling with real money has increased. For example, compared to 2017 (3.5%), the number of users increased to 6.7% (women – 4.2%, men – 9.1%). Users aged 25 to 34 are the most active online gamblers who use cash in casinos. For land-based casino news, in 2019, 63.6% of gamblers spent money on this type of entertainment, while 61.2% of female athletes and 65.9% of male gamblers spent money on this type of entertainment. 경마사이트

The most relevant real estate casino visitors are Spaniards (77.1%), aged 55 to 64. The goal of the study is also to find out how many players are prone to addiction. Participants answered 9 questions and received 1 point for all positive responses. The measure is as follows: 1-3 points means that a person is likely to be a problematic gambler; if the score is 4 or higher, it can indicate that a player has gambling-related disabilities. The survey found that 15.8% of online gamblers have signs of gambling addiction, while this percentage of land-based gamblers is 3.5%, which is quite small. However, the main trend in 2019 is that the number of people with gambling addiction has decreased. In 2019, 670,000 players were considered problematic gamblers. More interestingly, the survey also defined the average player in Spain. He is a 38-year-old man who prefers sports betting most of all.

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