South Korean female diving star Kim Soo-ji advanced to the semifinals of the world championships

In the women’s 3m springboard preliminary round for the 2023 Fukuoka World Swimming Championships held at Fukuoka Prefecture Swimming Pool in Japan on the 20th, Kim Soo-ji ranked 11th out of 51 participants with a total of 285.05 points.

It was the third and fourth periods that had a decisive impact on the qualifying round.

Kim Soo-ji, who fell to 33rd place overall due to not receiving good scores in the second period, successfully performed a 2.8-degree 205C performance in the third period that “jump back and turn two and a half laps in a Tuck position” to raise her ranking to 22nd.

Kim Soo-ji, who was on the rise, succeeded in scoring high with a difficult 3.0305B performance in the fourth period, “Running forward, turning back, turning back, and rotating two and a half laps in a Pike position that holds both hands behind her legs.”

Kim Soo-ji, who made a safe leap in the final fifth round, finished the preliminary round in 11th place.

The semifinals, in which 18 players compete, will be held later in the day, and if they win the top 12, they will advance to the final, which will start at 6 p.m. on the 21st.

The 3m springboard, an official Olympic event, will give the finalist the right to participate in next year’s Paris Olympics.

Kim Soo-ji failed to advance to the finals as she finished 16th in the semifinals of this event at the Budapest Games last year. 온라인카지노

The 2019 Gwangju Games were eliminated from the preliminary round with 21st place in the 3m springboard, but won the bronze medal, the first world championship medal in Korean diving history, in the 1m springboard.

Park Ha-reum (Gwangju Metropolitan City Hall), who played with Kim Soo-ji, finished 37th with 227.05 points, failing to reach the semifinals.

Kim Soo-ji and Park Ha-reum collaborated on the 12th place in the women’s 3m diving synchro.

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