“Son Heung-min Winger I disagree! How can I not use my fingernails?”… Tottenham senior who is ‘halfway’ to changing Postecoglou tactics, said, “Son, use Hishal Song as a backup.”

Tottenham won a landslide 4-1 victory over Newcastle in the 16th round of the English Premier League (EPL) for the 2023-24 season at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on Sunday. Tottenham ended its winless streak (one draw and four losses) for five consecutive games and succeeded in turning the tables.

At the center of this was Son Heung-min, the ace and captain. Son Heung-min was in charge of his team’s victory, scoring one goal and two assists. In particular, in this match, Son was placed on the left wing, his main position, not as a front-line one-top player recently. He was more active on the side. Instead, Hishalisson was on the one-top. He roared with multiple goals.

Manager Enze Postecoglou put forward Hishali Song as one-top at the beginning of the season, and used the “nail” tactic of placing Son as one-top from the fourth round after failing to perform well. It was a huge success. When Hishali Song returned from injury, he put him back on as one-top, and attempted a change in tactics of placing Son as a winger.

Analysts say the change is also a success. The performance and results against Newcastle are telling. 파워볼실시간

“Hishalysong is in good shape now. I think one-top is his best position. Sonny is still the best finisher in our team. I thought placing Sonny on the left would create more goals for us,” Postecoglou said, explaining the reason for the change in tactics.

However, there is a person who is ‘halfway’ to Postecoglou’s opinion. He is a senior to Tottenham. It is Tottenham’s Steven Kelly, a defender who played for Tottenham from 2000 to 2006.

Kelly appeared on “Football Daily Podcast” and opposed to Son’s deployment as a winger. He still needs to use his nails.” He also advised Son to use his nails as a backup.

He insisted, “How can you not use Son as a one-top? If Postecoglou has all the options, I think Son should start as a front-line striker.”

Kelly then added, “The most complete Tottenham lineup is to have Brennan Johnson on the left, Dejan Kulusevski on the right, James Maddison in the center, and Son Heung-min on the front line. If they have full power, you will see them line up like this. Hishalisson should use it as Son’s backup.”

“Since the beginning of the season, I’ve been interested in how Son Heung-min will perform in the one-top. I think Son Heung-min is a really threatening player. Son Heung-min is right to play as a front-line striker. If Madison returns, Son Heung-min can be even stronger. Kulusevski’s performance is phenomenal, so it will be of great help to Son Heung-min,” he stressed.

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