Some customer data stolen by hackers

The company said in a regulatory filing that information about some customers at its hotel casino in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, was leaked during the Feb. 10 attack. Ron Reese said the number of customers affected was in the mid-5s as far as the company could know.

Examples of the types of legally protected data stolen are Social Security and driver’s license numbers. Sands warned that credit card and bank account details could also have been stolen. Sands provides credit monitoring and identity theft protection to customers affected by the hacking.

Leith did not say whether credit card information was taken. Mailing databases similar to those available by direct marketing companies were also stolen, Sands said. 실시간 바카라사이트

Sands said it was still working to determine whether customer information at other properties was breached, a process that takes more time due to the destruction the hackers caused. The company operates Italian-themed Venetian and Palacho in the Las Vegas Strip and operates several hotel casinos in China and Singapore.

In a statement, Sands noted that since Bethlehem Casino opened in 2009, the number of damaged sponsorship accounts has accounted for less than 1% of all visitors. Bethlehem Casino has set up a website and toll-free phone numbers for concerned customers.

The Las Vegas-based company shut down its company and private hotel websites on Feb. 11 after hackers damaged their faces with accusatory images made by Sands CEO Sheldon Adelson about using nuclear weapons against Iran. The hackers also posted Social Security numbers for employees of Bethlehem in Sands.

It took the company nearly a week to recover the sites. The hack also crashed internal systems, making their computers and email accounts inaccessible for several days.

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