Shin Ji-ah won silver medal for 2 consecutive years after falling behind every other day… Still, she won JGF for the first time in 18 years since Kim Yu-na

At the 2023-24 ISU Figure Skating Junior Grand Prix Final Free Skating held in Beijing, China on the 8th, Shin Ji-ah received 131.67 points (2nd place) with 68.18 points in technical score (TES) and 63.49 points in art score (PCS).

Shin Ji-ah, who scored 200.75 points overall including 69.08 points (ranked first) in the short program on the previous day, allowed her to come from behind to win the title by 5.58 points behind Mao Shimada of Japan (206.33 points overall). Shimada received TES 75.12 points in the free skate, PCS 62.94 points (138.06 points) in the short program, and 68.27 points (2nd) in the short program.

Shin Ji-ah won a silver medal for the second consecutive year following last year’s Junior Grand Prix Final. She was also the first Korean to win a silver medal in the Junior Grand Prix Final for the second consecutive year since Kim Yu-na (silver medal in the 2004-05 season, gold medal in the 2005-06 season). Shimada won the gold medal for the second consecutive year. 경마

The Junior Grand Prix Final is a championship where only the top six finishers from the 1st to 7th Grand Prix series participate. Shin won two gold medals (the 2nd and 5th competitions) and one silver medal (the Grand Prix Final) this season. Kim Yoo-sung (190.48 points in Pyeongchon Middle School) and Kwon Min-sol (183.06 points in Mokdong Middle School) ranked fourth and sixth, respectively.

Shin, who trailed Shimada in both the short program and free skate last year, inflated her dream of winning a gold medal by leading by 0.81 points in this year’s short. Shin was ahead in the art score in free skate on the day, but fell behind Shimada in the difficulty of jumping, leaving regret. Shimada overtook Shin by performing double axel and triple jump with triple axel (three turns in the air) and quadruple toe loop (four turns in the air).

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