Seven things about the king of gambling you probably didn’t know

Ho’s life inspired video games and the production of two films.
Considering the popularity of Stanley Ho, it doesn’t seem surprising that the billionaire’s life inspired the film adaptation. Filmed in 1992, Casino Tycoon stars Andy Lau as Benny, a young man who moved from Japan to Macau and eventually became the leader of the gambling mafia. In the same year, the film appeared, and it even inspired developers to create a video game adaptation that was released in 2001.

He enjoys dancing.
Over the years, the famous businessman mastered many dance styles such as chacha, tango, waltz, swing, and ballroom. In addition, Ho has become one of Hong Kong’s leading supporters of dance and art.

Thanks to the big businessman, the Sky Shuttle to Macau was established.
In early 1961, the ambitious man introduced a plan to establish the first helicopter route to serve passengers between Macau and Hong Kong. Despite the fact that many people now prefer the benefits of online casinos, the route is still very popular, with more than 42 flights per day.

There is a street named after the famous Hong Kong-Macao philanthropist.
Lake Avenida Dothor Stanley, located south of ‘Eastern Vegas’, is considered one of the busiest roads in the city. In 2008, it was renamed in honor of the Stanley Ho.

Ambition lies in the Stanley Ho family.
Ho is a descendant of his grandfather Ho Fook, who was the elder brother of Sir Robert Hotung, a famous businessman and philanthropist in Hong Kong, England. 온라인경마

Stanley Ho has two honorary doctorate degrees.
Thanks to two honorary doctorate degrees, Ho is considered an academic doctor as well as a businessman.

The famous investor is a man of many honors.
Over the years, Stanley Ho has received many notable titles and awards, for example, O.B.E. of the Order of Prince Henrique and the Great Cross of Prince Henrique. In addition, within Hong Kong and Macau, Stanley Ho was nicknamed the King of Gambling and the Godfather.

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