Serious power leak in the final match of the Champions, Lee Kang-in’s shoulder has become heavy

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG, France) is on high alert. While it is still uncertain to pass the UEFA Champions League group stage, even the final match against Borussia Dortmund (Germany) will be held amid serious power leakage. Lee Kang-in, who is likely to start, will also have a heavy shoulder.

French Le Parisien reported on the 6th (Korea Standard Time) that Fabian Lewis, the core of PSG’s midfield, will be out of the battlefield for the time being due to a dislocated right shoulder. Lewis was replaced in the first eight minutes after suffering a dislocated shoulder in the 14th round of the 2023-24 French professional football league 1 against Le Havre on the 3rd. Fortunately, he avoided a fracture as a result of a detailed diagnosis, but it is not expected to be easy to play for the time being.

The 15th round of the French League 1 against Nantes, ranked eighth in the French League, this weekend will not be too much of a burden, but the problem is the final Group F match of 2023-24 UEFA Champions League group stage against Dortmund at 5 a.m. on the 14th. Although it is the second place in the group, it is still unclear whether PSG will advance to the round of 16, which means that there is an injury variable in the game that has to go all out in the best way.

PSG ranks second in its group with seven points (2 wins, one draw and two losses) after Dortmund (10 points). If the team wins the match against Dortmund in the final match, it can advance to the round of 16 by itself, but if it loses to a draw or less, it can complicate the situation. At the same time, Newcastle United and AC Milan, which are two points behind PSG with five points, will face off in the final match. If the match against Newcastle and AC Milan is decided, and PSG cannot beat Dortmund, PSG may be eliminated from the group league. If it falls to the third place, it will fall to the UEFA Europa League, not the Champions League round of 16.

Not only Fabian Lewis but also Warren Zaire Emery have already been sidelined due to injury, which will inevitably deepen Luis Enrique’s agony. To make matters worse, even right flanker Usman Dembele will be omitted due to accumulated warnings in the match against Dortmund. In the end, PSG will have to go on an expedition to Dortmund with power leaks across the midfield and side attacks. Considering that the team was relatively weak in away matches this season, it is all the more painful to leave the team.

Naturally, attention is more focused on Lee Kang-in. This is because Lee Kang-in can play both the midfield and sides where the injured left, and continues to rise even after the transfer to PSG. If the team’s power is in serious leakage like this time, it will be an opportunity to strengthen its position as a starting player in the future. If it leads to the round of 16, it would be perfect. 에볼루션 바카라사이트

In the local area, Lee Kang-in is also expected to start against Dortmund in the Champions League. Depending on the situation, he is likely to play full-time, but first of all, he is more likely to be in the midfield than the position of a side striker without Dembele. Le Parisien predicted that Lee Kang-in, Manuel Ugarte and Vitinha would form the PSG midfield against Dortmund. It is expected that Lee Kang-in will first start in the midfield and take the lead in PSG attacks.

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