“Senior Yang Ji-il, to the point where I can’t speak…” It’s not just the No. 1 FA tycoon, Dinosaurs 25-year-old catcher stunned

Kim Hyung-joon, 25, dubbed the “gold medalist catcher” of the NC Dinos, is conducting personal training at a certain place as he is not active. Coincidentally, Yang Eui-ji (37, Doosan Bears) and Yang Seok-hwan (33, Doosan Bears) of the KBO League will also hold personal training sessions at these facilities. Kim says he works out at the same time.

Kim Hyung-joon naturally hears a lot of good things from Yang Eui-ji. Yang Eui-ji gives generous advice to his junior catcher even though the team is different and he has no connection. For Kim Hyung-joon, Yang Eui-ji is an “unexpected mentor.” 토토

After the New Year’s party at Changwon NC Park on the 8th, Kim Hyung-joon said, “Yang Eui-ji and Yang Seok-hwan are coming to the center where I work out at the same time. They are unintentionally the same center, but the time is the same, so I work harder. After the exercise, I look forward to it a lot. It’s good.”

What Yang Eui-ji can say to Kim Hyung-joon at this point in time is the importance of taking care of his body. Kim Hyung-joon said, “I heard how to take good care of my body if I want to play full-time for a year. Will also told me the problems I felt during our game.”

Kim Hyung-joon also felt the importance of managing his body deeply. He underwent surgery last summer for a ruptured cruciate ligament in his knee, and after returning from training, he injured his ankle and had to undergo surgery. He won a gold medal at the Asian Games and gained experience in international baseball championships as an Asian pro baseball player, but what he needs most is his full-time starting lineup.

Then, how is Yang Eui-ji building up his body? Yang Eui-ji, who has a warm appearance and a nice smile, was surprised to see him build up his body thoroughly. Kim Hyung-joon said, “I watched it because we worked out together almost together, but he was speechless. I think that’s what he thinks so that he doesn’t regret ‘I should have worked out more before the season’.”

It is a new beginning for Kim. “I wasn’t in the first team last year because I was going to rehabilitate, but I want to do it from the beginning without any injuries this year. I will go to the first team camp in 2020 and then go to the first team camp again. It would be awkward because it’s been a long time since I went there, but since I’ve been there before, it would be similar. I hope the weather is nice.”

My goal is to stay healthy for a year. “It’s important not to get hurt and I need to build up my body and stamina to digest the game for a year,” Kim said. “I think skills can improve over the course of the season if I keep working without getting sick. I think the first thing to do is not get sick. I think it’s best not to leave my seat. I will work hard to meet my expectations.”

I don’t even want to recall my past nightmares. “In a way, I think I did my best last year, and I wonder if I can get hurt as much as I did last year. When I got sick again after rehabilitation, it was a blank. I didn’t think anything and didn’t feel anything. I was almost panicked. I didn’t even try to take care of myself. I thought I would get better after some time. I think I did as the flow went by. I get stressed out a lot when I think about getting hurt while trying to come back quickly. I don’t have much thoughts anymore,” Kim said.

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