Self-introduction that stole the attention, why Lee Jung-hoo greeted me in “English” even if he was clumsy

Lee Jung-hoo, who signed a big deal with the San Francisco Giants, arrived in Korea through Incheon International Airport on Wednesday. Lee signed a six-year, 130-million-dollar contract, setting a new record for the best fielder in Asia. Lee’s ransom has also become a big issue in the U.S.

It was also impressive how Lee Jung-hoo presented himself at the joining ceremony. At the official joining ceremony in San Francisco, Lee introduced himself in English, impressing the Giants fans. Lee, who greeted him with “Hello Giants,” introduced himself in English, calling him “Grandson of the wind from Korea.” “I’m here to win. And I’ll always give my best effort to my teammates and fans.”

Although he is not familiar with English yet, Lee said hello to his fans from the bottom of his heart. Local fans in the U.S. also showed great interest in Lee’s introduction in English. On social media, people said, “It would not have been easy to have a press conference in front of foreign reporters in a foreign language,” and “You did a very difficult job. I respect you.”

Local media in the U.S. also said, “Lee left a charming, confident, and witty first impression. He wasn’t obliged to speak in English, but he did introduce himself in English.” 스포츠토토

Why did Lee Jung-hoo introduce himself in English? Lee said that he wanted to introduce himself in English if he could play in the Major League while watching foreign players playing in the KBO League. Lee said, “It looked cool to see the foreign players trying to speak Korean. I also wanted to use tangles when I had a chance.”

Lee Jung-hoo didn’t care much, even though his English skills were not good enough. Just as he doesn’t want fluent Korean from foreigners in Korea, he doesn’t think the U.S. will expect perfect English from foreigners. Still, Lee Jung-hoo will make an effort to study English to quickly adjust to the local area.

“Even in Korea, I don’t expect foreign players to speak Korean well. It was a pity that my English did not go as well as I had prepared. I think I should try to become more fluent in English from now on,” Lee said.

Lee successfully advanced to the Major League, which he had dreamed of. As he signed a large-scale contract, he feels a sense of responsibility. Already, Lee has started to build up his physical fitness for the new season, and plans to move to the U.S. early to continue his training.

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