Samsung Shocked to Exclude 2nd Draft Protection List for Veteran Pitchers…Including the big beast

It is shocking news that a veteran pitcher of the Samsung Lions has been removed from the second draft protection list. A big change will also begin for Samsung’s pitching staff. According to MK Sports’ coverage, it has been confirmed that a veteran pitcher in his 30s, who is an immediate supervisor, has been excluded from the 35-member protection list written by Samsung ahead of the second KBO draft.

In addition, Samsung seems to have begun a full-fledged generational change and team reform by excluding the big outfielder who hit 20 home runs in a season from the protection list. The veteran pitcher, who was first excluded from the list, is a resource who has experienced all sorts of hardships on the professional stage. He has experienced various positions and has been appointed as a key player in the 2023 season. However, his performance this year was sluggish and his utilization was lower than in his heyday, as he could not play many innings.

In particular, Samsung’s mound this season was only the lowest in the team’s ERA (4.60) and the team’s relief ERA (5.16) was very sluggish with the only five points, and it seems that the team has begun to improve its constitution, starting with the exclusion of veteran pitchers from the protected list.

However, officials predict that any team that appreciates Lee’s diverse career and uniqueness can be nominated within the first to third rounds. An official familiar with the transfer market situation said, “The career of the player Samsung excluded from the list has not been so outstanding in recent years, but if he is healthy, he will do his part in the first team.” 안전놀이터

Samsung is also known to have excluded the big-crowned fielders from the protection list, who have hit more than 20 home runs several times in a season. The fielder was noted as the next big gun of the team through multiple teams, but his career was full of ups and downs. The performance of the very good season and the poor season was also big. As a result, he was excluded from the protected list, continuing his regret in recent years.

Earlier, KBO reintroduced the second draft in 2023 to level up the league and ensure more opportunities for players. The second draft, which will be held on the 23rd after the end of the 2023 season, will be selected in 1st to 3rd rounds.

The designated target reduced the number of protected players from 40 to 35 to boost the movement of players. He was included in the FA and 35 protected players in the first to third year of joining the club, but if he transferred as an FA contract compensator before the second draft, he will be automatically excluded from the nomination. Even after the declaration of the upper round pass, the next round can be nominated.

In addition, each round will be conducted in the reverse order of the previous season’s performance. After the first to third rounds of nomination for each club, the lower-ranked three clubs will be given two additional nomination rights, allowing up to five people to be nominated. Meanwhile, up to four players can be nominated from one team to prevent the player’s nomination from being concentrated in a specific club. The transfer money is 400 million won in the first round, 300 million won in the second round, and 200 million won in the third round, and 100 million won for less than four rounds that the bottom three teams can nominate.

The second draft, which was held biennially from 2011 to 2019, was abolished in 2021. As the protection list resumed after two years, it was reduced from 40 to 35 (one to three years old, FA in the current year, and 35 protection players, but if they were transferred as FA contract compensation players before the second draft, they were automatically excluded from the selection), and even after the declaration of the upper round pass, the next round could be selected.

The newly established mandatory registration regulations are aimed at ensuring as many opportunities as possible for players who are required to register for a specific period of time (first-tier entry) and move to the second draft.

However, if the number of registration days is met, the evaluation after the release of the list is that it is worth aiming for much more players than before. The calculation method of the 10 clubs that received the revised list due to some FA contracts on the 20th is getting busy.

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