Ryu Hyun-jin-Toronto Dramatic Renewal Scenario Is Here, ‘RYU Flower’ Resurrection Helper + Starter Debs Reinforcement ‘Two Effects’

Ryu’s four-year, 80 million-dollar contract with Toronto at the end of 2019 was completed this year. Now that he is back on the free agent market, he is still considered a resource to sign a major league contract. The Athletic, a U.S. media outlet, predicted that Ryu will be able to receive a one-year contract period including incentives and a total of 8 million dollars.

So far, little progress has been made. While the destination of Shohei Ohtani (29), the biggest fish in the market, has yet to be determined, top-ranked players such as Blake Snell (31), Jordan Montgomery (31), and Yoshinobu Yamamoto have yet to sign contracts. This has led to a chain reaction, affecting fifth-tier players like Ryu. There is no specific mention of Ryu’s contract even in the local market.

Against this backdrop, there was a chance to renew his contract with Toronto all of a sudden. The move is related to Ryus best friend Alec Manoa, a pitcher in his third year. Debuting in the Major League in 2021, Ryu ranked eighth in voting for the American League Rookie of the Year with nine wins, two losses and an earned run average of 3.22, in 20 games during his first season. Ryus routines and his pitching habits drew much attention at the time. He then succeeded in his step-up and posted an astonishing 16 wins, seven losses and an earned run average of 2.24. He thus ranked third in the league`s Cy Young Award, following Justin Verlander of the Houston Astros and Dylan Cease of the Chicago White Sox.

However, he pitched in 19 games and posted a disastrous record of three wins, nine losses and a 5.87 ERA. The on-base percentage (WHIP) soared from 0.99 last year to 1.74 this year. The number of walks per nine innings nearly tripled (2.3 → 6.1), and the POPS also jumped vertically from 0.582 to 0.847 in the POPS. Due to his shaky balance, he issued excessive walks, and in June, he was demoted to the rookie league, which made him humiliated. Eventually, he ended the season early due to injury in the final minutes.

Toronto manager John Schneider said he would give Manoah a chance to select the fifth starting pitcher. Nevertheless, Toronto reportedly believes Manoah needs to compete. Ryu is a pitcher who can compete with Manoah for the starting pitcher position. He can play the role of a “facemaker.”

Toronto is considering renewing its contract with Ryu in part to strengthen its starting lineup. Toronto has strong starting lineup this year. Starting with Kevin Gausman (12-9, 3.16 ERA), who ranked third in the American League Cy Young Award, Jose Berrios (11-12, 2.65 ERA), Chris Bassett (16-8, 3.60 ERA) and Yusei Kikuchi (11-6, 3.86 ERA) have consistently rotated throughout the stipulated innings. They will remain in Toronto’s rotation next season. 에볼루션 바카라사이트

However, the possibility of Toronto’s fourth starter, who will be in his 30s next year, suddenly causing health problems cannot be ignored. The media also claimed, “We need a starting depth to protect the starters in case they cause health problems in the 2024 season than in recent years.” Ryu Hyun-jin, who does not have a high salary, does not need to adapt to the team, and has pitched in compliance, can solve Toronto’s problems.

Ryu had 24 wins, 15 losses and a 3.97 ERA over four seasons with the Toronto Blue Jays. He ranked third in the American League Cy Young Award with five wins, two losses and a 2.69 ERA in the shortened 60-game season in 2020. However, since then, he has not been very satisfied. In 2021, he won 14 games, the most among individuals, but his ERA was 4.37 which is somewhat higher. After taking the mound in six games in 2022, he underwent Tommy John surgery to connect tendon in his elbow and was out of the lineup.

He made headlines by returning to his solid body from this year’s spring camp, starting with bullpen pitching in late May, and going through the comeback process step by step. After raising his pitching sense through simulation games and four minor league rehabilitation appearances, he finally made his comeback to the Major League after 426 days in a home game against the Baltimore Orioles on August 2.

Ryu Hyun-jin, who earned his first win of the season on Aug. 14, his third game since his return, allowed two hits, two walks, three strikeouts and two runs in five innings, and has played his role as a starter since then. He became a losing pitcher in the game against the Texas Rangers on Sept. 13, but achieved a quality start (more than six innings as a starter, less than three earned runs) by allowing five hits, one walk, and three strikeouts in six innings. He pitched in 11 games this season, and posted three wins, three losses and a 3.46 ERA, signaling a healthy return. Although his fastball average (88.6 miles) decreased compared to that of 2021 (89.9 miles) before surgery, he pitched skillfully and served as a starting pitcher.

“When I left Korea in December last year, I said I could return in the second half of the season,” Ryu said after returning home. “I think returning this year was enough. Rather than evaluating my performance, I think I did a good job just by returning to Korea.”

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