Rocketman Show Coming to Resort M Spa Casino

On Saturday, January 20, 2024, Rocketman show featuring Scottish man Russ Anderson will occupy the stage inside the M Pavilion at the M Resort Spa Casino. It’s Elton! Crash landing in your seat with a Rocketman show featuring Russ Anderson, the Scottish man who became Elton John’s official 70s body double, featured in promotional videos and photos for the “Break-Yellow Brick Road” world tour. The man’s hand-picked performance of Russ controls Elton’s greatest hits, fancy costumes, and a night of intense piano performance.

Russ’ Elton portrayal of him in E!’s “Clash of the Cover Bands” is now described as “amazing” by Jimmy Fallon and “Phenomenal” by Adam Lambert. The Rocketman show quickly joined the must-watch list and could possibly be summed up by “All About That Bass” megastar Meghan Trainor, who claims, “You’re Elton!” It’s a step for humans…It’s a huge leap forward for Elton John fans. 카지노사이트 순위

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