Ringette is a fast-paced, team sport played on ice. The object of the game is to score more goals than the opposing team. A goal is scored when a player, shoots an 8” rubber ring into the opponents net. The ring is controlled by players using a straight stick, similar to the shaft of a hockey stick. Ringette is comparable to many sports. It is similar to hockey because it is played in an ice rink with much of the same equipment. It also resembles soccer, basketball and lacrosse due to rules and player movement. Ringette is a very strategic, fast-paced and considered the ultimate team sport. The rules of ringette make it a true team sport. In order to win, the whole team must shine. The no-contact policy and constant passing make it easy to work together toward a common goal. As we like to put it, the team that scores together, stays together. The objective of the game is to use a ringette stick to hit a ring into the opposing team’s goalnet. The team with the most goals at the end wins. Ringette was created in Northern Ontario, Canada, as a civic recreation project for girls by its two founders, Sam Jacks from North Bay, Ontario] and Red McCarthy from Espanola, Ontario. Jacks is credited with creating the idea for the sport in 1963, following his earlier development of a variant of floor hockey in 1936, which used bladeless sticks and a flat felt disk with a hole in the centre. McCarthy 슬롯머신 was responsible for developing the sport’s first rules. Ringette was created in the hopes of increasing and maintaining female participation in winter sport under the existing authority of the Society of Directors of Municipal Recreation of Ontario (SDMRO) and the Northern Ontario Recreation Directors Association (NORDA) due to a lack of success in generating interest among the young female population in the winter team sports of girl’s broomball and girl’s ice hockey.

The equipment

  1. Ringette stick (or goal stick for goaltenders)
  2. Ice hockey skates (or ice hockey goalie skates for goaltenders)
  3. Shin pads (or goalie pads)
  4. Protective girdle
  5. Pelvic protector (a “jill” or “jillstrap”)
  6. Ankle-length ringette pants
  7. Ringette or ice hockey gloves
  8. Elbow pads
  9. Jersey
  10. Helmet with ringette facemask (must meet specific regulations)
  11. Neck guard (must meet specific regulations)
  12. Shoulder pads – mandatory for most players up to the junior level (14-15), then the players can decide whether they wish to wear them or not

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