Red Rock solid – 8 things to surprise you about Red Rock Resort

At the southeast corner of Summerlin’s Las Vegas Beltway and Charleston Boulevard, the $925 million Red Rock Resort is the 15th property in the Valley with Station Casino. It is also nothing like any other local casino in the city. 메이저 토토사이트

Millions of dollars were spent on the touch of multicolored onyx imported from India and Italy, polished sandstone, pearl wood, blown glass, and three million pieces of Swarovski crystals appearing on dozens of chandeliers and curtains.

The 850-room property with 415 rooms is designed for “experienced Las Vegas visitors” looking for alternatives to the strip, Station Casino CEO Frank Pertita III said.

About 80 percent of the profits from the property will come from the residents of the surrounding area. This surpasses the upscale Green Valley area, making it one of the richest and most populous areas in the valley.

  1. The station features Red Rock as a layout and parking design feat with six entrances, two parking garages, and a portecoa for underground valet parking. “It’s all about convenience,” Pertita said. Increased access means customers can move to places like movie theaters, sportsbooks, poker rooms, and restaurants without even walking through the casino.
  2. There is a bingo room with a private bathroom and a glass wall non-smoking bingo space with a standalone air conditioning system.
  3. A modern interpretation of vintage Las Vegas, rectangular and tubular crystal chandeliers are everywhere, including a 60-foot chandelier that spans a high-limit pit length. “This comes from memories of when children were growing up in Las Vegas,” Pertita said. “We think Las Vegas is lost,” he said
  4. The hotel lobby has a dramatic three-story rotunda with two curved stairs and a giant chandelier that will dangle low and mislead the eye. VIP hotel guests can take a separate elevator to the suite while detouring the casino completely.
  5. A major part of the resort is its water facilities. There is a huge fountain and reflective pool at the front and a three-acre pool with a night-lighted fountain at the back. Customers who rent a cabana, hotel guests staying in a first-floor suite, and hotel spa guests can use the private plunging pool.
  6. A handful of retailers selected from Red Rock include Mordechai jewellers and clothing boutique Tallulah G, while food courts will feature locally popular caprioti and villa pizzas.
  7. The casino is circular and offers restaurant customers a water feature and an outdoor view of the pool. “It’s truly an amphitheater,” Station President Lorenzo Pertita said of the central hotel pool. Cherry, a few restaurants and nightclubs, is open to the pool and can be seen through clear, red-colored glass. It also has a poolside cafe, an outdoor stage for concerts, and a fire brigade.
  8. The station will own all the full-service restaurants inside Red Rock, including Salt Rick BBQ, a franchise of the popular outpost in Driftwood, Texas. The T-Bones steakhouse has private rooms and an outdoor casino pit.

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