“Rather, let’s choose the Marine Corps as a national team member”

In preparation for the 2024 Paris Olympics, the Korean Olympic Committee is pushing ahead with the training of the marines of the national team under the name of “strengthening mental strength.” Netizens have criticized that the training is anachronistic.

According to a daily sports report titled “Marine Corps Camp,” which the chairman of the sports committee declared on the 6th, the Korea Sports Council issued an official letter last month entitled “Submission of the number of participants in the national team’s mental strength camp.”

The Korean Olympic Committee said, “We are in training camp to strengthen our national team’s mental strength and ‘ONE TEAM KOREA’ in preparation for international competitions such as the 2024 Paris Summer Olympics.” The training period will be from the 18th to the 20th.

Lee Ki-heung, chairman of the Korea Sports Council, said at a press conference on the settlement of accounts at the Hangzhou Asian Games in October, “These days, athletes try not to exercise their physical strength,” adding, “I will prepare thoroughly because the 2024 Paris Olympics is just around the corner. Next year, the national team players plan to have Marine Corps training before entering the athletes’ village, and I will do it together.”

“His plan, which he thought was a snowflake (舌禍), became a reality,” Daily Sports criticized, “With the temperature falling below zero by Seoul standards, it is difficult to expect efficiency if it is an outdoor training, even a Marine Corps camp.”

Daily Sports said this is not the first time that the Korean Olympic Committee has taken measures to strengthen its mental strength, citing blocking Wi-Fi at the accommodation after midnight forcing measures to train in the morning Gubo and mountains. Daily Sports pointed out, “This was criticized for being a kkondae-like idea,” adding, “The Marine Corps training is also unlikely to receive much response. It is not because it is physically difficult, but because the atmosphere of the training will be conducted vertically and coercively is uncomfortable.”

Media outlets that reported the news also expressed concern. The Hankook Ilbo reported on the same day that the Marine Corps camp itself is an outdated occurrence. “The reason why the purpose of strengthening the mental strength of athletes, not their capacity or skills, is against the times,” he said. “In particular, some point out that it is questionable how effective it will be to strengthen the mental strength through military drills.”

“Isn’t it an old-fashioned idea?” a national team member told JTBC. “If you hurt yourself with a log, you will lose your performance. If you fail to strengthen your mental strength, you may not be able to compete in the Olympics next year.” “It’s not like military spirit, but experts (psychological coaches) are in the field to help athletes perform well in the field. What era are you talking about?” said Chung Yong-cheol, chairman of the Sports Psychology Association. 안전 토토사이트

Netizens criticized the news, saying, “What year is this? What kind of mental education are you talking about?” “Why does the national team go to Marine Corps training?” “Pick a Marine with a good mind,” and “There is no way to explain it other than playing tricks.”

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