Postecoglou praised Son from his first impression of the interview.

“I think Sonny set the tone for us from the beginning of the game. Whenever he had the ball, he was really positive about it. That’s what leadership needed and the rest of the players seemed to have accepted it. We were much more threatening in the Final Third than before. I think we could have scored the points we deserved, or at least scored a few more. I’m satisfied,” he said. 스포츠토토

As Hishalisson scored multiple goals, Postecoglou was also relieved. Postecoglou said, “Hishalisson was really good. It’s very important. I think Sar brought us real energy with him. Their play was great, and overall energy was good. Hishalisson said, “It was positive to score as a striker.”

His deployment to the front line was rather a fresh lineup. With Hishalysong as the one-top, Son came out as the left wing-forward. Postecoglou explained, “Hishalysong is fit at the moment, and I think the front line is his best position. If you look at the past few weeks with Sonny, most of our chances and chances depend on the wing-forward. Son is still our best finisher, and I thought turning him back to the left would give us more ways to score goals. As I said, I think Son set the tone from the beginning, and the rest of the players satisfied him as well.”

“He is a true role model of this team. He trains hard every day and everything he does is for the team,” Davis said in an interview with Talk Sports in the U.K. after the game. “He is humble.”

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