“Possibility of Kershaw Retirement” 423 billion-day superstar, Dodgers ace already selected… A new legend begins

The U.S. media “Spotting News” reported on the 23rd (Korea Standard Time) that “the Dodgers, which had a lot of concerns about the starters, have built the strongest rotation in the league with the recruitment of Yamamoto.”

The Dodgers’ 2024 season starting rotation, which seeks to win the World Series, was itself grim. With the Dodgers’ heart and eternal ace Kershaw qualified as a free agent, Tony Gonsolin is uncertain to play next season due to Tommy John Surgery, and Dustin May, who had his second elbow surgery this summer, is also unable to determine when to return. Walker Buehler, who received Tommy John Surgery in August, is expected to return next year, but it was true that it was a little too much to leave the first starter due to a long absence.

Like a big market club, the Dodgers used money to solve all these problems at once. After signing Tyler Glasnow for a five-year extension of 136.5 million U.S. dollars on the 16th, he stood tall as the final winner of the race to recruit Yoshinobu Yamamoto, which involved all prestigious Major League teams on the 22nd. He invested a whopping 325 million dollars over a 12-year period to create a new sense of ace to replace Kershaw.

Yamamoto is a top-ranked right-handed pitcher with 70 wins and 29 losses and a 1.82 ERA in 172 games in Japanese professional baseball. For the first time in the history of Japanese professional baseball, he won five consecutive pitcher titles in 2021 and 2022, and won the Sawamura Award, Japan’s Cy Young Award, for the third consecutive year. This season, he also posted an overwhelming 16 wins and six losses with a 1.21 ERA in 23 games with the NPB Orix Buffaloes, and will be wearing the Dodgers uniform, the strongest team in the National League West, through the posting system.

Sporting News released the Dodgers’ expected starting rotation for next season, instantly putting Yamamoto on the starting lineup. The rotation followed by Yamamoto, Walker Buehler, Tyler Glasnow, Bobby Miller and Emmett Siehen. 메이저 토토사이트

“It’s hard to find a better one-two punch than Yamamoto-Buehler,” the media reported. “There is a possibility that Buehler will start the season delayed due to the Tommy John surgery, but if he recovers his overwhelming past appearance, he will be able to lead the best rotation with Yamamoto.” Ryan Yarbrough is mentioned as Buehler’s temporary replacement.

The media picked Yamamoto’s biggest strength as a breaking ball. “Yamamoto’s scouting report can be summed up in a word. It’s messy,” the Sporting News said. “His pitches are mostly fastballs, curves, and sinkers, but with cutters and sliders. In particular, there is no doubt about curves, and like most Japanese pitchers, he has a very effective splitter against left-handed hitters.”

“There is a reason why Yamamoto became the highest-paid pitcher in Major League history without stepping on the mound. Yamamoto’s talent makes batters sick, and he now has to be nominated for the Cy Young Award every year,” he said.

Then, what will happen to Kershaw, the ace of blue blood who has 210 wins in Dodgers alone? “The Dodgers are currently waiting for one-club man Kershaw’s decision,” Sporting News said. “The 35-year-old Kershaw is reportedly a FA and is considering his future in the 2024 season. If Kershaw renews his contract with the Dodgers, he will send Ryan Yarbrough out to the bullpen and play a key role in the starting lineup.”

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