Poker Pro and Media Predict WSOP Main Event Final Table

The 2015 World Series Poker Main Event Final Table begins Sunday night at the Rio All Suite Hotel & Casino, and in line with true Las Vegas tradition, we’re doing our best to find the winner.

But instead of simply relying on the casino city editors” vast knowledge of poker, they decided to reach out to a group of poker experts and media members to ask their thoughts on who would win and how it all would unfold.

While most people are asking for Joe McKeon to grab his super chip lead and ride it all the way to the main event bracelet, some are asking for anger. One thing everyone we’ve reached agreed on is that we’ll be on another attractive final table thanks to an eclectic Nov. 9 group of people of all different ages, nationalities, experiences and personalities.

Chris Moneymaker – 2003 WSOP Main Event Champion
I do the math and go with Joe McKeon for the win. He has a decent chip lead and knows how to use it. He’s going to be hard to beat. I don’t know many of the other players well, but I think Joe will try to punish the table with his stack and he’s probably the most successful given the balance of the other stack. With players being coached or changing strategies before the table starts, I would imagine at least one player would hit back at Joe a lot and adapt early.

I love that Pierre Neuville comes second in terms of experience and karma. I’m a bit biased because I think he’s a great guy and the only one I know personally. He has all the games to go all the way and plays very well in his “tight old man” image.

Joe Cada – 2009 WSOP Main Event Champion and two-time WSOP Bracelet winner
I think Joseph McKeon will win the main event this year. I’ve seen and heard of the incredible calls he’s made in every single contest, and I don’t think he’ll shy away from the instinct that put him where he is. He also has a lot of chip leads on the field, so of course he’ll help!

I think Max Steinberg will take second place. I think Max has a lot of experience in grinding and has a lot of chips to push him to second place. I don’t know anyone at the final table, so I’m interested in how it goes. I think it would be nice to see an older guy win this year.

Kara Scott – professional poker player and sideline reporter for ESPN’s WSOP coverage
I try to avoid having a favorite person on the air, but that might get in the way of being as neutral as possible on ESPN cameras. But frankly, Joe has a tremendous stack and a great poker game. Not only does he pass the finals well, he’s also a great closer. Based on his record, he reservations a lot of time to go deep into the game. It will make him very hard to beat. 카지노사이트 순위

When it comes to who can win second place, this is really anyone’s game. I know everyone has been working on it to come to the table as ready as possible, but a lot depends on how things go at night and how the cards break. I’m just as excited to see how this goes!

I’m wondering how splitting the final table over three nights instead of two can affect the play. This can really help some players by not needing enough physical strength in felt, but it can destroy the flow of the game so they can play against others. They need to adapt to the specific situations this final table gives them as well as playing the big final table.

Just being on that stage for the last five years is the most incredible atmosphere I’ve ever seen in a poker game. It’s a massive theater filled with people who were screaming, cheering, honking, whistling for hours on end. This is not only spectacular, it’s also the most serious poker game you’ll ever see.

Allen Kessler – professional poker player, owner of three WSOP circuit rings
I don’t like the way Thomas Canuli plays. He didn’t play exceptionally well, but he was very lucky to miss some good situations. Neil Blumenfield should have already been out three or four times. He was lucky enough to not play all-in, so he somehow panicked. Federico Butteroni is too tentative with his decision. Pierre Neuville is too loose, but if he’s lucky or no one hits back at him, it could be a hell of a feat.

Max Steinberg and Joe McKeon are definitely the best players. I’d love to see Max and Joe play beforehand. John Racener – 2010 WSOP Main Event Runner-up, 1 owner of WSOP Circuit Ring
I’m talking about Joe McKeon at the contest on November 9 this year. When they hold three or four hands, the chip count will be tighter. I think his experience and skill level will make a difference until the very end and he will be our new champion.

We’ve always been friends, and we love playing OFC in each other’s rooms on poker trips, so when we sat at his table on the fifth day of the main event, we made funny jokes for each other. Later that afternoon we moved to the side feature table and he ended up hitting me on national television. We were all in a free-flop with my pocket queens on his A-K. He hit an ace in the river to end my chances on another Nov. 9. After he grabbed me, I told my poker teammates Justin Zaki, Jared Jaffey, and Chris Haydn I thought he was going to win this one.

I said it with 150 players left. Pretty bold words. Now look at what we’re saying. I felt like the balance of his hands being played, his image on our table, his experience, his skills, and chip stack would put him in an amazing position to be a champion.

I’m thinking of joining a little underdog in second place, but I can see Thomas Cannolly piling up and finishing second. I haven’t had the chance to play with him, but I’ve always figured out my surroundings in the poker room, and how focused he is at a nearby table. Also, from some of the updates I’ve made with his hands, he seems to have great instincts, which is a big key to success as a poker player.

He often comes up with his style and how he plays with swagger. I think he has exciting and talented rails. It never hurts when you try to win.

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