“Pittsburgh, Choi Ji-man and Hill Trade Remaining Business”…Rumbunter “Three guys in a trade are better”

The Pittsburgh Pirates traded Choi Ji-man and Rich Hill to the San Diego Padres at the all-trade deadline. Instead, he recruited Estoir Suero, Jackson Wolfe and Alfonso Rivas.

However, fan site Lumbunter claimed that Pittsburgh did a profitable business in the trade results.

“This swap deal will be a big benefit for Pittsburgh in the near future,” the site said on Tuesday. It could be a big win for the Pirates in the long run,” he said. Pittsburgh didn’t lose money.

The site said, “Hill was a veteran fifth starter and Choi Ji-man was a platoon first baseman. They will be FA after this season. Of course, both had advantages and provided something valuable to Pittsburgh, but Hill is not an All-Star starter and Ji-Man Choi has missed much of this year. The three players Pittsburgh recruited can be helpful in the long run, he explained. 바카라

Regarding outfielder Suero, the site said, “He has positive speed and has the potential to remain in center field in the long run. He has already shown a good feeling for the position. He said, “I’m striking out a lot, but this is a minor problem considering that he’s only 17 years old.”

“He had a 3.95 ERA, a 3.93 FIP and a 1.12 WHIP in Double A this year,” he said of Syedammer Wolf. Although his fastball speed is only in the range of 80 to 90 miles per hour, he has good commands and above-average sliders and curveballs. The fourth pitch is change-up,” he analyzed.

As for Rivas, “I’m not a poor bench first baseman. He has a batting average of 0.411 and an above-average OPS this season. Throughout his career, he was rated as an above-average defensive first baseman. It’s not a long-term, permanent solution for the Pirates as a first baseman, but it’s fine as a bench first baseman.”

In addition, “Choi Ji-man and Hill recorded negative 0.9 in the bWAR. Rivas is the only player in the Pirates package to play in the major leagues, but his bWAR is minus 0.1, better than the sum of Choi Ji-man and Hill.

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