Phil Ivy Still Alive As WSOP Main Event Says Goodbye To Lou Diamond Phillips

It’s amazing how much the atmosphere of a tournament can change in just one day. On Saturday, tension, drama, and finally relief filled the Amazon Room as 648 players finally made money at the World Series of Poker main event. On Sunday, the Amazon Room was filled with pure joy.

Now that they’ve made money, most of the 407 players left in the tournament are out of that burden, demonstrated. On the reconfigured tournament floor, the players were laughing and joking. The tables became more talkative again. The Amazon Room, filled with poker tables and players, now had just over 40 tables spread throughout the tournament space. 스포츠토토

The result was a wide open space between the tables, enough space for ESPN cameras to move, and fans could line up along the rails. Each time the players all entered, fans flocked to the rails, hoping for a better view. And camera crews ran to the table, hoping to see a dramatic showdown. And for the first time in the series, the fans at the special table were emotionally in it too, gasping for air and cheering for the big win in shock at the bad beat.

By the end of the day, 185 players remained. Among the notable players who bounced back from the tournament were Dan Harrington, Lou Diamond Phillips, Cara Scott, Vitali Leungin, Thor Hansen, and Sorrell Midge.

After the end of day five operations, the chip leader was Warren Zacky, who had 4.872 million chips. Tom Schneider (3.168 million), Matt Affleck (2.882 million), James Akenhead (2.69 million), Phil Ivy (1.38 million), Dennis Phillips (1 million), Antonio Espandiari (1.27 million), Peter Eastgate (927 million), Joe Hachem (540,000), and J.C. Tran (720,000) are also still alive in the tournament.

Jacky won the main event spot at the tournament at the pigs peak casino in Swaziland, neighboring South Africa. Jacky cites third place at the 2007 WSOP as his inspiration for starting tournament poker.

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