Payment provider Citizen rebranded to Yaspa

Citizen, a leader in providing payment services to the iGaming industry, has rebranded itself as Yaspa.

Inspired by the exploration of the words payment and money, the company wanted a brand that better reflected its role in the growing pay-tech environment. It’s a unique name that you can own, live in, and grow.

The company’s website is now live on yaspacom , and operators and merchants offering YASPA’s payment method are switching to new brands. 슬롯머신

Kate Marsden, Yaspa’s chief marketing officer, said, “It’s great to introduce Yaspa to the world: the same team, the same payment, the new name. The new brand’s compositional characters reflect what we do, “pay,” and how we do it, and also have a friendly and accessible feel that reflects the experiences of our business customers who worked with us.

“It took us a long time to find the right name, but I’m very happy where we ended up. Yaspa is as short and simple as our payment method and works beautifully in many languages.”

James Neville, co-founder and CEO of Yaspa, added. “When we started our business as Citizen back in 2017, we focused on developing reliable IDs for individuals – citizens. Open banking has been a key part of delivering that data and building trust, and we have had significant success in terms of payments.

“We decided to develop our own new name as consumers became more familiar with open banking payments and began to recognize their favorite payment methods.”

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