Osimhen showed a willingness to start anew and decided to remove his mask to say goodbye to a very difficult time.

“Oshimen returned to the game after a long time since he was injured and provided important help to Elmas. However, Osimhen appeared without wearing his usual mask and the reason was revealed.”

Osimhen emerged as one of the hottest strikers last season, leading Napoli to the Scudetto for the first time in 33 years, scoring 31 goals in all 39 games of the tournament.

Napoli is currently showing a different performance from last season by ranking fourth with seven wins, three draws and three losses. It already has the burden of looking like a shadow of the team that won the Serie A title last season under coach Luciano Spalletti, drawing with Union Berlin, which had lost 12 consecutive games, and losing to Empoli.

Osimhen has six goals in nine games this season. Osimhen took off his trademark and popular mask. Why he wore the mask dates back to 2021. 스포츠토토

In the winter of 2021, during a header contest against Milan Shkliniar against Inter Milan, Osimhen suffered a broken cheekbone. Even after recovering from his injury, he continues to play with a protective mask. He only takes it off briefly during the goal ceremony.

As a result, it has now become a trademark of Osimhen, like Cech’s headgear and Karim Benzema’s wrist bandage. Fans are treated as a kind of goods, and audiences who wear these masks to cheer for each game are caught on camera. It has established itself as a hero-transformed character, and he is well aware of it, so he always wore it as a fashion item for protection purposes.

Osimhen explained why he took off his mask. According to the media, Osimhen has not been able to show his true value this season due to injury and he wants to help Napoli secure competitiveness on the European stage again.

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