Okada Manila to Increase Visitor Numbers with Retail Stores

Okada Manila, a huge casino and hotel complex in the promising GameStrip Entertainment City, will open a permanent retail store by July 2018. The casino representative announced on Tuesday that by the end of 2019, there will be about 50 retail stores in the luxury complex.

This permanent store is designed to replace the pop-up stands that are briefly operated by the property. Opened in December 2016, Okada Manila is currently the largest casino resort in the entertainment city of Manila, and is still under development. The hotel has so far reported up to 20,000 customers visiting over the weekend, while about 10,000 customers a day on weekdays.

The introduction of permanent and likely high-end retailers is part of a large campaign aimed at increasing daily visitor numbers and long-term growth. With a wider range of offerings, casino resorts hope to attract new customers and ultimately reach their goal of 50,000 customers per day. The first retail store will be open by the middle of the year and about 50 shopping locations are expected to operate on the resort’s premises by the end of 2019, said Steve Wolstenholme, managing director of the resort.

Okada Manila, a 993-room casino and hotel complex, is not yet fully operational, he added. Currently, there are 2,600 operating slot machines out of the 3,000 machines planned on the casino floor and 300 game tables instead of the 500 tables in the plan. Wolstenholme said the number of rooms will increase from 350 to 500 in the coming months as the hotel portion of the complex also opens in phases. Once fully operational, it can have nearly 1,000 rooms. 온라인경마

Slow but steady improvements to Manila’s entertainment city
Steve Wolstenholme Admits Slow Development In Okada Manila Could Cause Lower Return On Investment In The Short Term. But he says the long-term growth and development of integrated casino resorts is far more important. In addition, casino resorts in the Philippines do not rely solely on game revenue for growth. On the contrary, Wolstenholme says improving the city’s image and reputation as a gaming, shopping and tourist destination is important.

This applies not only to Okada Manila, but also to about 20 properties currently in the city. Okada Manila is about 8 sq in metropolitan manila.This is the third project to be held in Entertainment City, a gaming and entertainment area that covers an area of km. Opened in 2007, the first casinos did not open before 2013, when Bloomberry Resort opened its $1.2 billion Solaire Resort and Casino. Melco Crown’s $1.3 billion City of Dreams opened in 2014 and two years later, Kazuo Okada, a Japanese businessman and former Steve Wynn partner, opened the $2.4 billion Okada Manila.

The Philippines hopes that when completed, the zone will resemble the huge gaming and entertainment areas of Las Vegas and Macau. Two properties are currently under construction, one of which is the giant West Side City Resort World, developed by Mega World Corporation. The city township, expected to open in 2021, will consist of two hotel towers with a total of 1,214 rooms, a residential complex with 4,000 units, a shopping mall, and a large number of parks, shops, restaurants and entertainment facilities.

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