Ohtani’s ‘Decopin’ vs Lee Jung-hoo’s ‘Cao’… even the dog cuteness battle ‘Attention’

Japanese sports and culture media “The Answer” reported an article titled “Otani VS Korean player’s dog cuteness is controversial in the United States.” The media said, “The deco pin of Shohei Ohtani’s dog, who joined the Dodgers, has been drawing great attention even after his name was revealed at the press conference, and Kao, the dog of Lee Jung-hoo of South Korea, who joined San Francisco in the western part of the National League, is also attracting attention there.”

Ohtani revealed the name of his dog at a press conference to join the Dodgers, originally “deco-pin,” but it is said to be introduced as “deco-i” because it is difficult to pronounce for Anglo-American people. After Lee Jung-hoo signed a contract with San Francisco, the San Francisco club also introduced Lee Jung-hoo’s dog “Kao” through SNS.

Some say that Ohtani’s Decoy became a hot topic, so he put down “counterattack.” “When the image was released, Cao was cute among American fans, but Decoy was a rare breed like Otani,” wrote “The Answer.”

The media’s fans responded by saying, “Decoy vs. Cao is better than Ohtani,” “Decoy is better,” “The world may burst when two Cao and Deco pins are together,” “You look like a doll,” and “The rivalry between the Dodgers and the Giants has gotten even fiercer. Decoy vs. Cao.”

Meanwhile, the media outlet said of Lee Jung-hoo, “He challenged the Major League for the Kiwoom Heroes in the Korean pro baseball league and signed a six-year contract with the Giants. His father is Lee Jong-beom, who played in the Chunichi Dragons, and he and his father are nicknamed “Ichiro of Korea,” adding, “As they belong to the same district as the Dodgers, they may have a chance to meet.”

Lee Jung-hoo was also asked about his dog Kao at a press conference back home. “When Otani joined the team, his dog became the talk of the town, and San Francisco also seems to have made a counterattack as Lee Jung-hoo’s dog.” 카지노사이트 순위

When asked this question, he said, “I heard that the club has Dog Day about twice a year. I think he introduced me to him because he said he also has a dog, but honestly, I don’t think the comparison with Ohtani makes sense. I think I just have to do my best, so even if I add him like that (Otani), he is not a match for me, so I don’t feel pressured or anything like that.”

Regarding the comparison with Ohtani, he also said, “I don’t think I can match it. Ohtani is the best player in baseball in the world, and I’m just starting out, so I can’t compare him. I hope you don’t think so because the contract amount is incomparable.”

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