Norway passes ban on online poker and gambling deals

Norway has passed a bill that would ban all Norwegian residents from online poker or other gambling transactions, although the bill will not take effect until the middle of next year. The government still has to come up with actual rules for the new legislation. If you hear it, it’s because the U.S. passed a similar bill called UIGEA two years ago. The bill is still causing controversy because the United States has yet to grasp its ambiguity.

The Norwegian government insists the law is necessary to protect the gamblers in question, but it does not affect the state-owned game company Norske Tipping. The rest of the EU is already predicting that the law will be contested by the European Court of Justice for unfair trade practices. Norwegian financial institutions also oppose the law, saying it places the burden of enforcement squarely on them, as the U.S. is trying to do in its own country. 온라인카지노

Norske Tipping provides Norwegian residents with many options for lottery, sports, and instant games, with much of the revenue going to various purposes throughout Norway. Founded in 1948, the company is owned by the Norwegian government and operated by the Norwegian Ministry of culture and church.

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