North Korean Coach Approaches, “Stay alert”…Weightlifting Kim Soo-hyun’s Behind the Scene

In the women’s 76kg weightlifting competition held at the Xiaoshan Sports Center in Hangzhou, China on the 5th, Kim Soo-hyun lifted 105kg of the height and 138kg of the dragon and finished third with a total of 243kg.

At the Jinju Asian Championships held in May this year, Kim Soo-hyun won the championship with a total of 243kg (109kg, 134kg) but the prospect of winning the prize was not bright.

This is because China, a weightlifting powerhouse, was in good shape, and two North Korean athletes who are sweeping the gold medal in weightlifting at this competition participated. 파친코

In fact, China’s Liao Guipang (113kg) and North Korea’s Song Kook-hyang and Jung Chun-hee (117kg) ranked first to third in the hike, lifting the weight that exceeded Kim Soo-hyun (105kg). There was a dragon statue left, but it didn’t seem easy to win the prize.

However, a variable occurred. He withdrew due to an injury during the Liao Guipang hike. As a strong medal candidate left, Kim Soo-hyun also had an opportunity, and Kim Soo-hyun, who cheered up, lifted 138kg from the podium and won a bronze medal. The gold and silver medals were won by Song Kook-hyang and Jung Chun-hee, respectively. ceeded in winning a prize at the Asian Games after his third attempt. Hangzhou also shook off the “international competition trauma (accidental disorder)” that was engraved several times when he could not bet a medal by a slight difference.

Kim Soo-hyun said, “I failed to win the prize several times, but I didn’t want to cry anymore. I wanted to show you a game that makes you laugh and have fun. Rather than being angry and sad, I thought it would be a model for others if I showed a challenge until the end even if it didn’t work. I was able to overcome difficult processes with the comfort and support of many people. Thank you so much. In particular, director Kim Kyung-sik, who is in the sky, thanked those who helped him, saying, “I hope he can relieve his resentment now.”

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